Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Desserts

Growing up, I was always content with a big slice of apple pie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert on Thanksgiving. But, after lots of nannying, I realize not all kids love pie as much as me :)

Today, I’m sharing 8 kid-friendly Thanksgiving desserts – make with your kids’ help, or simply have them ready to serve on Thanksgiving day. They will be smiling from ear to ear, and I’m sure will be grateful for having a yummy and festive treat!

Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Desserts

Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Desserts

1: These Turkey Sugar Cookies are so cute! Package them individually for a party favor, or at everyone’s place setting. Yum!

2: Serve these paper drumsticks at the kids’ table and they’ll be the hit of the party!

3: Snack Mix made cute in the little boats! A great snack for the little ones!

4: Bakerella does it again with these ADORABLE turkey cake pops! Oh my!

Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Desserts

5: Oh the cuteness! Don’t these Reese’s Turkeys make you smile? They are so adorable and so simple to make. I wish we had kids joining us this year so I could make these! I might have to make them for the adults instead :)

6: These Acorn Donut Holes are perfect for Thanksgiving Day breakfast. Start your day sweetly and make it a family event!

7: A cute DIY pumpkin container for popcorn, snack mix, or other treat. These are also perfect for place settings or just a special touch to your tablescape!

8: These Scarecrow Cookies are so cute and are a great activity for the whole family. Personalize them with additional toppings!

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