CakeJournals birthday party


Ok, so I am a bit late but my Cath Kidston cake took all my attention. So to keep this short, another year have passed and its getting better and better I think. Beside having my first ebook out and thanks again for the support. I want to share that I am planing on making more great free tutorials, but there will also be exclusive single tutorials available overtime in the shop and who knows maybe another ebook?

I had my mind on baking some birthday cupcakes for the day but time ran out, therefor this old photo 😉


So lets get to the fun part 🙂 I am having a little give away and one of you could be the lucky winner of these gorgeous cupcake paper cases, some pink food color and a little sweet felt birthday cake magnet. All you have to do is leave a comment, telling me what you would like to see more of in the tutorial section.

The winner will be chosen Thursday night and the winner will be announced in this post.

Remember when you write a comment also to make sure that there is a way for me to contact you (email or blog link)

I will use integer generator to pick out the lucky number and the deadline will be Thursday, April 30th at 9.00 p.m (recorded by the comment time stamp)

Congratulations to the winner Rossana.


Good luck!

Happy Caking



  1. 50Cent says

    each time i use internet i have to take a look for what is new in your website , i love your tutorials and tips, i wish for you all the best , keep going and happy Birthday . can you tell me from where i can get theis gorgeous cupcake paper cases that you choose as a gift 🙂

  2. Hokulani says

    I love getting updates from your blog. All your tutorials have been so helpful. I would like to see more video tutorials =) and any extra tips you can suggest when working with fondant would be great too. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work!

  3. Louise says

    decadent cookie: First have you read the tutorials on poured fondant cupcakes? Lots of good tips there as well. But its all about the right consistency on the poured fondant. I dip them twice.

  4. Rossana says

    Can’t wait to receive my give away =) thanks so much for sending it. It just gives me another excuse to bake more cookies and pink cakes 😉

  5. Annette says

    I would love to see more designs and how you come up with them. For instance a 3 layer cake with different designs or colours on each layer. I love how you come up with some of the colour combinations that you have, fantastic!!

  6. says

    Hi Louise, love your website! I am wondering how you get the poured fondant on your cupcakes here to sit so nicely and not run down the sides.
    would love some help on that!

  7. Anne Thompson says

    I would love to see more about fondant! I’m still kind of scared to try it out!

  8. says

    Happy Birthday Cake Journal! Wonderful blog, wonderful designs and ideas, love the tutorials. You are so creative Louise! Best of luck to you always.

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