Cake of the year

Ok, so its been a while since my last post. The reason is that we have been moving to a new place. It has taken a lot of my time and the good part is that I will get a brand new kitchen :-) but it will not be ready until 2 weeks or so. So there is no … [read more...]

Sweet things

I have recently found a new sweet blog called: Bakerella with sweet cupcakes and other mouthwatering goodies. Bakerella is the proud creator of these cute snowman cupcakes. I really love this photo so I just had to show you. … [read more...]



I was in the mood for making a nice treat for the family today and here is the result: Lamingtons. Let me tell you this, do not get fooled by the simple look of Australias traditional cake. They can also be found in a pink version in New Zealand. … [read more...]

Happy New Year

It is a scandinavian tradition to have "kransekage" and champagne at midnight New Years eve. "Kransekage" is made of almond paste, icing sugar and eggwhites. I always make my own instead of buying one from my local baker, it also taste much better. … [read more...]