My trip to the cake show

Thursday the 8th of november went I on a five day trip to Birmingham UK to see the Cake Craft & Decorating Show with some of my danish cake friends. But there was also time for regular shopping!! I always like to see if I can find cake things in … [read more...]

Cupcake photos

Oh my god!! Two of my cupcake photos have been featured in a nationwide danish newspaper called Berlingske Tidende with reference to my blog. The article was about the cupcake. Cupcakes are not well known in Denmark, compared to fx. UK and US, but … [read more...]

Blogger’s Choice Awards

I been nominated for the Blogger's Choice Awards in the category: "Best Food Blog". It would mean a lot to me if you would show me your support by voting for me!All you need to do is sign up on Blogger's Choice Awards and vote for CakeJournal. It … [read more...]