Chai tea spice cake with chai tea spice buttercream

Being a big fan of chai tea, I wanted to incorporate those wonderful spicy  flavors into a cake.

After a few experiments and some disastrous cakes (lol!), I am now happy to share this amazing chai tea spice cake recipe with all of you.

The aroma of this cake is to die for and the texture is a happy medium between a dense bundt cake and a light sponge cake. The flavor and spices are just perfect… not too strong and and not too light either.

I decorated the cake with a simple petal effect technique and sprayed it with red edible spray. The spray gave it a cool, funky effect :)  



– This recipe only yields one 8×2 cake. But in the picture above, you are seeing two 8×2 round cakes stacked on top of each other.

– Also, you will have to double or even triple the frosting recipe to fill , frost and decorate this big cake. You can adjust the quantity of spices according to your taste preferences.

And you are done! Enjoy! :D

chai tea spice cake

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.

Happy caking everyone!

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  1. says

    Being an Indian I was so looking forward to trying out this recipe. I made cupcakes using this recipe for Easter for the family and thought the kids will not like them. But it was a hit… these went like hot cake. A spice infused buttercream, never imagined… it was awesome!!

    Thanks… will try Bethany’s buttercream recipe too.

  2. says

    Next time you make tea buttercream, try infusing the butter with the tea, instead! You’ll need mesh tea bags or loose leaves. Melt the butter and get it simmering, throw in the tea and simmer for about five minutes. Take the tea out, chill the butter til it is solid again and then make the buttercream as always. I’ve don’t this with Jasmine tea and it is amazing. I’ll definitely want to try this cake recipe, though!

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