Chocolate Blackberry Tartlets

Chocolate Blackberry Tartlets

Hello! I’m a new contributor here at Cake Journal, where I’ll be sharing recipes for everything from ice cream to pastries to candy – all things sweet, with the notable exception of cake, since I think you’d agree that the other contributors here have that subject pretty well covered.

Although I’m new here, I’ve been blogging recipes both sweet and savory at Katie at the Kitchen Door for almost four years. I’m excited to join the team here at Cake Journal – and my friends are certainly thrilled that I’ll have more sweets than usual to share with them.

Chocolate Blackberry Tartlets

To kick things off, I have the perfect dessert recipe for summer entertaining. Easy but elegant, these chocolate mousse and blackberry tartlets make the most of summer berries, look stunning, taste decadent, and don’t require use of the oven.

The crust is a simple mix of crushed Oreos and melted butter, pressed into tartlet pans and frozen until firm. The mousse is simpler than classic chocolate mousse, which can get tricky with the sabayon preparation – here, all you need to do is melt some chocolate with a little bit of butter and fold it into whipped cream, before spreading it into the tartlets.

A thin layer of blackberry jam between the crust and the mousse gives a winey hit of juicy berry flavor, which is echoed by the fresh berries on top. These can easily be prepared in 30 minutes, then chilled for another 30 minutes before serving. And voila! You will have super-impressed dinner guests.


Katie Morris

Katie Morris

I’m Katie. I’m twenty-three, a runner, a photographer, a Russian-speaker, and a lover of sleepy Sundays spent in front of the fireplace.
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Katie Morris
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    These look amazing!! I love the idea of blackberries & chocolate mousse together, but your recipe adds another element of surprise i.e. Oreos! Yum! Xx

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