Confetti Cupcake Recipe

Confetti cupcake

I have been baking today, simply because I needed something sweet and sugary. I ended up with a batch of light chocolate cupcakes with a white meringue frosting on top. It is a really good flavour combination those two.

If you are looking for a 100% white frosting, the white meringue frosting is a really good choice. The white meringue frosting holds up really well too. I had a couple of left overs and after a couple of hours they still looked nice. The only thing is that the frosting will crust over time, but it still taste good.

To dress them up, I used some bright and colorful sprinkles to give the final touch. Simple and classic! The reason why I call them light chocolate cupcakes is because they have a light chocolate (cocoa) flavour and my kids loves them.

Confetti cupcake close up

I love this close up photo of this confetti cupcake Mmmmm.

Are you new to CakeJournal? then you can read more about cupcake decoration, tips and tricks in the tutorial section Look under Cupcakes. For those of you who would like to know what tip I have used for the swirls. I can tell that it is a plain star tip with an 11mm opening.

If you would like to make the cupcakes and the frosting then here are links to the recipes:

Light chocolate cupcakes
White meringue frosting

Happy Caking!



  1. Tami says

    I love your photography too. Please share some tips on how you get such beautiful photos. Mine are too dark and/or blurry.

  2. Elizabeth says

    They look beautiful! I was curious, how do you take such wonderful photos of the treats you bake? I bake and take photos too, but my pictures don’t look nearly as professional as yours.

  3. tracy says

    Gorgeous cupcakes I love your site and you give me lots of inspiration!
    I am from the UK I have looked at your meringue frosting recipe is the powdered sugar, icing sugar.
    Also I tend to use albumen should I use 6 egg whites instead hope you don’t mind me asking as I haven’t done this kind of icing before.
    bye for now off to invest in a sugar thermometer as we speak

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