Double chocolate brownie cookie Recipe


This double chocolate cookie is deceiving in the absolute best way possible. It’s shaped like a cookie, it bakes like a cookie, but it sure tastes a heck of a lot like a brownie. That’s the incredible thing about this recipe — you get the simplicity and satisfaction of a warm cookie, but the irresistible texture and flavor of a rich, fudge-y brownie.

As these bake, the top begins to crackle, giving them a beautiful finish. If the timer goes off and you’re not quite sure if they’re done, I say pull them out — they’ll bake a little more out of the oven, and the just-barely-done moistness is to die for.

I call these double chocolate cookies because there is chocolate melted into the batter as well as chocolate chips folded in. Need I say more?


Recipe adapted from Seasons and Suppers


Grace Elkus

Grace Elkus

I’m Grace — a journalism student at Elon University and an aspiring food writer. My passion for cooking began when I became a vegetarian at age 11 and started creating my own meat-free dishes. I also love to bake, and I have recently begun exploring and experimenting with vegan cooking and baking.
Grace Elkus
Grace Elkus

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