How to make Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cone Cakes

Keep the kids busy this summer with these quick and easy to make ice-cream cone cakes.

What you will need:

Ice cream cup cones

Selection of food paste colours. I used red, blue and green Wilton paste colours (optional)

Any white cake mix (home-made or bought)

Cadburys flake



Piping bag and Wilton 1M tip

Cocktail sticks

Tin foil

Muffin/cupcake tray

Step 1.


Divide the cake mixture into bowls. Using a cocktail stick dipped into some colour paste add a little colour (of your choice) to each bowl as above.

Step 2:


Add a teaspoon full of each colour (layering the mixture) until the cones are three quarters full (to give room for the sponge to rise).

Step 3.


Take some tin foil and wrap it around each cone and place into the muffin tray.  This ensures the cones don’t fall over.

Bake in the oven as you would your cupcakes, or until a skewer inserted into the cake comes out clean.


Once cooked, your sponge will look similar to this.

Step 4.


Ready your piping bag and tip. Then taking a cocktail stick dipped in Wilton Rose (you can use red also) add a slither of colour inside the bag.


Massage the colour with your hand to spread the food colour paste  inside the bag.

Step 5.

Add your buttercream to the bag, and pipe swirls on top of the cones. The food colouring inside the bag will add a raspberry ripple effect to the tops.

Garnish the cone cakes with sprinkles, and a chocolate flake. (Or anything you like).


Happy caking!

Gillian x

Gillian is the owner of Jillybean Cake Couture. She is passionate about cake decorating, has a diploma in sugarcraft, and worked professionally for over 7 years. .

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