Valentine chocolate cupcakes

Today I have been in the kitchen baking chocolate cupcakes. Since Valentine’s Day is soon approaching, I thought that some pink fondant hearts and a little pink sprinkle on the cupcakes would be in place. I have frosted them with Angel Feather Icing, which is good together with the chocolate cupcakes. You can find the recipe for Angel Feather Icing below.

Angel Feather Icing

2 large egg whites
170 g (3/4 cup) of white sugar
1 dl (1/3 cup) corn syrup
2 Tbsp cold water
1/4 tsp cream of Tartar (alternative you can use 1 tsp fresh lemon juice)
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract or almond extract

Food coloring


Place all the ingredients except but the vanilla into the top of a double boiler with fast-boiling water below.

Take your handheld electric mixer and beat the mixture until the icing has stiff peaks.

Remove the double boiler from heat, add the vanilla extract and keep on beating until it is thick, glossy.

You can add drops of food coloring if you like.

Spread it onto cakes with a metal spatula or pipe it onto cupcakes with a piping bag and large piping tips, like Wilton 1M.

Happy Caking!



  1. MJ says

    Do you have any sugar free icing recipes? My son is 19 and a type 1 diabetic so sugar is his enemy or his best friend depending on if his glucose is high or low. When i bake with sugar i always have to hide most of what i bake so he is not tempted to over enduldge. that means only a normal portion! I usually make tiny cookies or the tiny muffin size cupcakes and then only put out a few a day. So sad.

  2. MJ says

    Howdy! From San Antonio TX. I made heart cutout cookies and prepared the royal icing using your directions with pictures. The pictures were a comfort to know I was doing it correctly. Practice makes perfect on the piping with a steady hand! The ‘flooding’ was fun. I was so excited that I forgot to color the icing so the red sugar chrystals came in handy. This weekend I’ll try the Angel Feather Icing. I have enjoyed your blog too.

  3. Liz says

    These look fabulous and the frosting looks like a dream!!! Just wondering if a bowl over a pot of boiling water can be used if I don’t have a double boiler? Also – does the frosting come out warm? Is the above recipe for 12 cupcakes? Thanks!!!

    • Louise says

      Sure you can. The frosting is not warm since you remove the bowl when the frosting starts to make stiff peaks. I would say that there is enough for 12 cupcakes. Well unless you like lots of frosting on your cupcakes 😉

    • Louise says

      I always turn the fan off as I think that the top/crust of the cake bakes faster than the rest of the cake.

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