Vegan (Egg Free/Dairy Free) Vanilla Cupcakes

With many allergies now a days, or wanting a nice treat that can feed a vegetarian, I often get asked to make an eggless and dairy-less dessert.  This recipe is very simple and versatile.

Anyone can enjoy this simple vegan vanilla cupcake recipe.  Give it a try! This recipe will make 18 cupcakes.



Happy Caking!


Diane is a co-write for CakeJournal. She is a self taught cake decorator and sugar flower artist since 2010. Diane lives in Ontario, Canada and is very excited to be joining our team.
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  1. Meera says

    Hi Diane,

    Some other questions:
    1. Almond milk comes in many brands and flavours – any particular brand to use? Also is original flavour ok? Or should it be vanilla flavour?
    2. How do you soften coconut oil? I did in the microwave, is this correct? Also when you mix the oil and milk together it curdled …is this normal?
    3. When I baked these, i noticed that once they were cool the cupcake stuck to the liners..any suggestions what I could be doing wrong? Should they be baked longer? I did 17mins…

    Thank you!!

    4. When

  2. Meera says

    Hi Diane,
    Just wondering if you are able to comment on the texture of this cupcake? Soft and moist? Dense?

    Also is it possible to use this recipe for a cake? Would it rise? Can it be doubled?

    Thanks so much!

  3. says

    @Kathy – Thanks we will get that added! The time should be 15-17 minutes. As for the bot questions and the submit button, that is a website feature, but I can bring that up with the website manager. Thanks,

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