1. sinsationalsweets says

    just wanted to say louise that your designs are beautiful you are truly an inspiration and i can only hope to design as well as u…btw thanks for the template super cute!!

  2. Joybake says

    I just found your templates. Thanks a lot. This give me something to play with during Spring Break

  3. Louise says

    Hmm I had to go and search for a photo of the torch (im not that into the olympics) and it is very beautiful but I can also see what your are talking about regarding problems with the template.

    But the way I would make it is to draw the torch in the size you want and then add a few mm all around the torch otherwise it will get to thin and will crack like you said. So you will not have the exact torch that will be the task to make it. You could paint with a fine bruch and red food gel/alcohol the “swirls” there are on it.

    For the saving templates you need a scanner. then scan the template and save it like a jpg file. Hopes that makes sense?

  4. Rachel says

    Well actually, I had a few different templates I wanted. The first was of the actual torch that they are using in the Olympics this year. Then I was going to do one of the logo and a paper Chinese lantern picture that I have. Also a take-out box which I already pretty much have done. I was also thinking of doing some plain square ones of the Olympic rings and maybe some little Chinese kids (using a cookie cutter). The trouble I am having is with the torch. I can’t seem to get it big enough so it won’t fall apart. I also couldn’t figure out how to actually go about scanning and printing my drawings so I can save the templates for later use.

    I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you so much!

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