My favorite sugar flower cutters and veiners

This is one of my favourite tools. It is a simple and easy silicone flower veiner and used together with small 5-petal flower cutters it makes beautiful little sugar flowers.

The flower cutters I use most with it is: 5-petal (Orchard Products) and Petunia flowers(Tinkertech Two). When I make the sugar flowers I use sugar paste with a little CMC to make it hold its form when drying. You can buy the flower veiner here, the petunia cutter here and here.

Note: There are two different sizes of the petunia cutter by Tinkertech Two that is best to use with the silicone veiner.

Petunia cutters

5-petal flower cutters

Happy Caking


Louise is the founder and editor of CakeJournal. She's a passionate, self taught, cake artist who has been doing cake decorating since 2002.
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  1. Gwenda says

    Hi: My friend has asked me to make her daughters wedding cake for her and she would like it decorated with sunflowers, could you help me please as this is a flower that I have not made before. How do I go about it? Colours, technique, cutters etc

  2. Rachel says

    I would really like to purchase the veiner and the Petunia cutter and another flower cutter as well, but i am worried that the flower cutter will be to big for the veiner. Do all the cutters fit inside the veiner? Thank you

  3. stephanie says

    i love you!your cupcakes are so lovely and elegant,and your tips are so thorough and clear.
    thank you so much for everything!

  4. gloria says

    i love those flowers, but i would like to find the place where i could ordered the two elements to make them, in just one place, not in two different pages. could you help me? (Sorry, my english is not very good (i´m from Spain!!;)))

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