My favorite sugar flower cutters and veiners

This is one of my favourite tools. It is a simple and easy silicone flower veiner and used together with small 5-petal flower cutters it makes beautiful little sugar flowers.

The flower cutters I use most with it is: 5-petal (Orchard Products) and Petunia flowers(Tinkertech Two). When I make the sugar flowers I use sugar paste with a little CMC to make it hold its form when drying. You can buy the flower veiner here, the petunia cutter here and here.

Note: There are two different sizes of the petunia cutter by Tinkertech Two that is best to use with the silicone veiner.

Petunia cutters

5-petal flower cutters

Happy Caking



  1. Jane says

    Thanks for responding. I think I have seen that tutorial before, but I kept thinking ‘fondant, fondant flowers’ and not gumpaste! Thanks so much, my flower veiner has come in, I just need to order the cutters and I’m set to go! 🙂

  2. Jane says

    Hi!! I was just wondering for the petunia cutters from Tinkertech, there’s alot of different ones on the referred weblink – do you happen to know which # it is that I should be ordering? ie, 435, 504? I love how the flowers look on your cupcakes and am so excited to try it out! I also ordered the flower veiner, and put your website down in the ‘where I heard about their website’ in case there’s referral bonuses or anything 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Guest says

    Ummmmm……….. just 1 question, are the silicone molds dishwasher safe? Because I just ordered some from decorate the cake (came here in about 3-4 days) and dont wanna mess them up so can you please tell me.


    • Anonymous says

      I would not clean them in the dishwasher. I clean my silicone mold in warm soapy water, rinse and then left to dry. In fact all my cake tools are always cleaned by hand.

  4. Anonymous says

    Sunflower Sugar Art should have the veiner and petunia cutters. Tinkertech also have the petunia cutters.

  5. says

    Debbie DellaCamera: Tylo powder (CMC) is carboxy methyl cellulose. Its synthetic so it is cheaper than Gum Tragacanth but both brand works the same. You will need this for flower, figure making ect. I always have this at home. It also makes the best edible glue.

  6. Dee says

    Hi Louise,
    I was wondering where I’d be able to find out about coupon codes for the veiners on decorate the cake site?

  7. says

    Georgina: I only have the sizes in mm and the small (573) is 23mm and the medium (599) is 30 mm and the large (435) is 40mm. I use all three sizes with the silicone veiner.

  8. Georgia says

    first, you have a great website! I am trying to purchase the petunia cutter and have followed the links but cannot however find the right size is it this size?
    I just really want to be sure before i order it as i tried a few months ago and to my suprise they where very, very small (i didnt read the page right)

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