New funky alphabet & number set from FMM

I bought this new tappit set at The Cake Show in Birmingham. They are made by FMM and makes funky letters and numbers. They are a bit larger than the other alphabet tappit sets (about 1,5″ high). Use them on your cake or just put a single letter or number on your cupcakes and cookies.

When I use the tappit sets I like to roll out my rolled fondant thinly and let it dry slightly. Thats makes it more easy for me to get the fondant out of the tappit set. It always looks good when you paint it with edible lustre dust or blossom tints.

Happy Caking!



  1. says

    Andrea: Also remember to let the fondant dry for 10-15 min before cutting. You can remove any white “dust” with a little brush dipped in alcohol. It wont mess the letters because the alcohol evaporates.

  2. Andrea says

    Hi Louise,
    I have this alphabet cutter but NEVER could take the letters out of it. Always a mess.
    Now I will follow your tips to roll it thin and dust the cutter with corn starch. But if I use for example black fondant, how to get rid of the corn startch ?
    thank you

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