Sugarcraft gun

Sugarcraft gun

The sugarcraft gun is, in my oppinion, a “must have” for anyone decorating cakes. You can make robes, hair, fur, grass, ribbons, strings, bricks and logs very easy with this brilliant tool.

You can use it for different kinds of paste. Fx. sugar paste/rolled fondant icing, gum paste/flower paste and marzipan. I like to knead in a few drops of water and a small amount of white fat into my paste as it makes it more pliable and smooth when you press it through.

The sugarcraft gun comes with 16 discs included. I use the mesh, slotted and the clover leaf shapes the most.

Happy Caking!



  1. Iva says

    I love sugarcraft gun!
    Before when I made fondant figures it was really hard to make hair. i had to role one by one hair ad stick it to the head…Then i got myself u gun via web….
    I’t took me quite some time to get it working the right way, but now we are “best friends”

  2. says

    Hi Louise, just an update 🙂 I’ve found a way cheeper solution to the sugar gun ( which finally broke by the way)- a strudy metal clay gun! I even wrote a review on my website if you are interested. Love your new cakes and the rose tutorial by the way!! Take care!

  3. Louise says

    Carla: No I dont think that I have seen a booklet. But you can use the discs for soo many different things.

  4. Carla says

    I have bought one of these wee guns lately and so far have used only a couple of the discs, mostly because I do not know what to do with the rest of them. Is there an instruction booklet I can get or some pictures that show me what I need to do?


  5. Louise says

    sue: make sure that you knead in few drops of water and some white fat to make it more soft to press through the extruder. Be careful not to make it too soft.

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