Sugarcraft gun

Sugarcraft gun

The sugarcraft gun is, in my oppinion, a “must have” for anyone decorating cakes. You can make robes, hair, fur, grass, ribbons, strings, bricks and logs very easy with this brilliant tool.

You can use it for different kinds of paste. Fx. sugar paste/rolled fondant icing, gum paste/flower paste and marzipan. I like to knead in a few drops of water and a small amount of white fat into my paste as it makes it more pliable and smooth when you press it through.

The sugarcraft gun comes with 16 discs included. I use the mesh, slotted and the clover leaf shapes the most.

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  1. Louise says

    Tandoori: Yes sometimes i too just refill it with more paste it depends on what mood & patience I have lol!!

    Well it was nice that you found out about the “not cookie press” I still would not exchange my sugarcraft gun 😉 I love to work with it.

  2. says

    Louise you are a gem! I didn’t know about the shortening! I actually use shortening only on gum paste, but if you say it works with fondant too I will definitely try it! Gosh, why I didn’t read your post earlier! I made this 3D Buzz Lightyear yesterday night and it would have made my work so much easier! Thanks for sharing the tip!
    Now if you don’t mind me sharing a tip- instead of gluing the ropes together, you can just refill the gun with more fondant from the top ( it unscrews there as well if you’ve noticed) before the one you’ve put is finished. That way the rope doesn’t need to be cut or glued. But still, it would have been better if it was a little bigger, so you don’t have to refill it so often.
    About this lady that I told you about- it looks like a cookie press, but it isn’t. I was mislead by the appearance as well, she wrote me back and said she had it from her great-great-grandmother and she doesn’t have a clue if they are sold today, but it is definitely not a cookie press.

  3. Louise says

    Hi Tandoori,

    I am sorry if you have had such a hard work with your sugar gun. Yes it can be a pain if you dont mix your fondant paste with some drops of water and some white shortning (did you use that?) When I want to make ropes I fill it with paste and press until it is empty then I make som clean cuts (slanting?) and fill again if I still need more to make the rope. That way you can glue the ropes together nicely. In the beginning I too had damn problems but now with the fat/water I dont have problems.

    I can see what you mean with the tool on the photo wich looks like a “cookie press” to me. Try look at Wilton/under cookies But I am not sure that you get the same discs as you do with the gun.

    I have a friend who use her sugarcraft gun almost on every single cake she makes and it is her most loved tool: http:[email protected]/

    I would love to know if you find it better with a cookie press.


  4. says

    Louise, I love your blog and everything you make is amazing, so I really hope you wouldn’t mind on me disagreeing with you on this one.
    I have the sugarcraft gun and it’s killing me! It works fine for smaller things like hair etc, but if you want longer ropes you have to refill it a hundred times! You can take a look at this one, that another lady has :
    It is bigger and sturdier than this ( really) small plastic sugar gun. With all due respect to the inventor of this sugar gun, but for the really fine work you can use a regular piping bag, you don’t need a sugar gun for it. As for me, I wanted it because I need something to make the “ropes” with, like on this one:
    And I couldn’t hold my cup of coffee for 2 days after I used it on this cake, they ached so bad. Yes, I added a little bit of water, and the fondant was pliable, but still, the “unscrew-screw” process is so annoying! As per the other one I showed you, you fill it one time and you have a long enough rope to use around a whole 9 inch cake!
    I’m trying to get this lady to tell me where she got hers from, if she does, let me know if you are interested, so I can post it here 🙂
    Other than that, now I admire even more the cakes you made with yours, since I know how much time and effort consuming it is.
    You are simply amazing!

  5. Louise says

    Hi Anna,

    It is always nice to hear from other fellow scandinavians:-) I can only recomend to have a sugarcraft gun. It can be used to so many things when making cakes and stuff.

    I love o´holy sweets work and Linda is so kind:-)

    Thank you for the sweet words about my site and I hope you will enjoy it. Btw: have you seen the Nordic cake decor forum??


  6. says

    Oh, I would love one of theese… i think mothers day is in May? ;D

    I see you have O´holy sweet listed as a fav, I love her work too! It might go without saying but your site is going right in to my favourits (first visit) I love verything about it, your tutorials, you header and your lovely cakes!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Louise says

    I have fx. used it on my mermaid cake to make hair, and to make yarn on my knitting basket cake. You can see them in my cake gallery.

    It is so fantastic……

  8. DIANE says


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