Sweet embossing tools

Embossing on rolled fondant

As a little follow up to my last post I wanted to share with you some of the sweet embossing tools that I like to use.

Patchwork Cutters has a large variety and many different designs and you can even use some of them as cutters if you like.

Patchwork Cutter embossing tools

Make a Crib: This set comes with 2 different sizes of the cute teddy bear .

Nursery set and Baby Lion & Nursery Items

Butterflies, Ladybirds & Bees

Quilting Embosser

Teddy Bear Picnic

Blossom & Leaf Sprays

Tubby Alphabeth

Mini Holly & Misteltoe

Christmas Midi Set

Holly Products embossing sticks

I also like the small embossing sticks from Holly Products. That comes with 6 sticks in each set. The ones that I have are the Flower Embroidery set 10, the Nursery set 12 and the Side Designs set 2 (I have used set 10 and 12 on the blue fondant)

Which kind of embossers do you like to use?

Happy Caking!



  1. Maria says

    Help!!! I would like to place an order for the embossing tools.  How do I go about this? It shows uk. Someone please help.


    • Anonymous says

      Maria, where are you? Makes it easier for me to see if I know a online store that sells the embossing tools.

  2. Marisa says

    Hola me encanta tu blog, llegé a el gracias a Delicias del buen vivir. Muchas gracias por tus consejos y tu generosidad de compartí.
    Un abrazo fuerte desde Gran Canarias.

  3. Emanuele says

    Dear Louise,
    I´m really interested in the embossing tool you have at the very top of this post (first picture). I could not find it following the link you have provided. It leads me to what looks like a British website. Do you know any other store/web site from where I can order it in the US? I really appreciate your help.

  4. Cool says

    hi Louise I’m interested in getting the embossed stick I wonder besides the website I can buy, where else can we buy them?

  5. Sheyla says

    Hi! I’m in the Dominican Republic so I buy in US based online retailers is there anywhere I can these online this side of the pond??? they are just gorgeous (as everything else on your blog!) I’m a budding pastry chef and I just want them so bad!

  6. Cuppies62 says

  7. Reem Y. says

    Dear Louise,
    I have just started a group on facebook”Reem’s Cakes” to promote my cakes, decided finally that I will go public with my work after one year of hesitatiion. I would love for you to visit my group and give me your feed back, and feel free to invite anyone to join. Thanx,
    Reem 🙂

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