The Agbay Cake Leveler

Agbay Cake Leveler

This is my new favourite tool and let me just say it is FANTASTIC!!!. I will never have any problems with leveling and torting my cakes ever again.

I tried it this weekend and what a joy it was to use. This is the tool that all who bakes cakes should have. I can only recommend to buy The Agbay Cake Leveler you will not get disappointed!

Happy Caking!



  1. Jessica says

    I couldn’t picture making cakes without this guy. Word of seemingly obvious warning though- that knife goes through skin like hot butter! I sliced to the bone on my pinky with it just barely knocking my hand into one with the blade cover off a year or so ago. Use the blade cover always! Haha.

  2. Louise says

    pinkbox: I agree. It is simply the best piece of tool to work with. No more troubles on how to do the leveling any more.

  3. pinkbox says

    I absolutely love my agabay!! I won it last year and it has made such a difference in leveling my cakes… (no more unintentional wonky cakes haha)

    Definately worth its weight in GOLD!!

  4. Louise says

    I first bought the one from Wilton and was ready to trash it on the very first day I tried it. Not a great buy!

    Until I got my Agbay have I use a really long knife it was ok but this is 10 thousands times better.

  5. simply says

    I had mine since 2001 and have recommended it to so many people. I think 10 people from the UK have bought it based on my recommendations and they all rave about it.

  6. Louise says

    Yes it’s SO amazing I had to bake some cakes just to try it out and all I could say was: OMG OMG OMG its so lovely to use LOL!!

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