The Cupcake Courier

Cupcake Courier

Do you know who is cupcakes best friend? It is the Cupcake Courier. A wonderful and stylish little helper that allows you to carry 36….. yes 36 cupcakes all in one go. It have three stack and removeable cupcake trays. It will keep your cupcakes safe and preventing the frosting and decoration from getting squashed under transport. It is invented, designed and developed by Jennifer Gunn. A mother of two who needed a safely way to transport cupcakes to her children’s parties and school gatherings.


This is a must have for everyone who loves to bake cupcakes!

So last week I went on a Cupcake Courier hunt and my first stop online was at the Cupcake Courier distributor in Australia. I found mine from Squires Kitchen…….Yeahh!! My search was over and I went straight on to their site and ordered a Cupcake Courier. European readers can find it here and here

So today my very own Cupcake Courier in petal pink arrived on my doorstep 🙂 and ohh it is soo beautiful. I know that I will cherish this forever. Of course you have to have in mind how tall your decorated cupcakes is so that you wont have any trouble with your decorations 😉 The green cupcakes with the blue Hydrangea is a bit to high to store in the lower trays. But the blue cupcake with the pink Petunia could just be there without getting smashed. I cant wait to try it with 36 cupcakes!


Happy Caking!



  1. sharon says

    I wanted to purchase several of these to transport 12 doz cupcakes 4 hours for a friend’s wedding. However I wanted them to stack easily to stach in my small car. The curved top wasn’t going to work. I opted for Martha Stewart carriers I found at Macy’s Department store. They each carried two dozen cupcakes perfectly. and the containers stacked nicely in the car. Everything made it safe and sound to the wedding reception!  My containers were slighly pricey, but worth every penny!!!! 

  2. Helenthecakelady says

    I have one of these cupcake carriers, had to bid for it on ebay as Squires dont sell them anymore, they are brill though I am sometimes concerned that the clasps on the bottom may unclip  and there would be squished icing and cakes all over the kerb!

  3. kylie says

    Hi Louise,
    Can I ask if you worked with a London company on these cupcakes & picture? Of course I doubt if you did but thought I better check first as they’re claiming they made the cupcakes & took the picture to sell this product….thanks.

  4. Pauline says

    I’am just wondering, do you happen to know any site that can ship this pretty cupcake courier here in Asia, I live in the Philippines I would love to have one of those. :)Thank you.

    • Bekascupcake says

      Dear Pauline, do visit us on facebook “Bekas Cupcake(Cupcake Courier) Malaysia”. We can send order to Philipine. -maria-

  5. Eva says

    I too bought one from Costco last week and mine won’t latch either! Grr. Maybe a recall? I still have my stickers

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