Cupcake decorating part 1

Cupcakes decorated with gum paste flowers

Over the last few days I have been preparing at little cupcake decorating guide to show you a little more on how I make my cupcakes. What cupcake tools I like to use, favourite cupcake recipes, how I build up a buttercream dome, so that I can decorate my cupcakes with rolled fondant and how I pipe my buttercream swirls.

So let us begin with my favourite cupcake tools.

Cupcake pans:

I mostly use a regular standard sized cupcake (muffin) pan and a mini cupcake (muffin) pan to bake my cupcakes in. When I bake cupcakes I only have 1 pan in the oven at a time, except with the mini pans where I can can bake 24 in one go.

Cupcake pans 1

Cupcake paper cases:

One thing that I dont like when I bake cupcakes is the paper cases that look greasy and translucent after baking. A lot of paper cases does that. So I was happy when I found a brand that makes greaseproof paper cases and that even keeps the color after baking. I think that it is the best cupcake paper case ever! They are also a little higher than the paper cases you usually buy (50mm base x 35mm wall (2″ x 1 3/8″). They come in pretty rainbow colors, polka dots and other patterns.

Cupcake paper cases

Note: The mini cupcake paper cases are just some regular ones, and not the greaseproof ones.

You can get the “wonder” paper cases here:

Of course if you cant get your hands on the paper cases you can always wrap your cupcakes in stylish cupcake wraps to cover up any “blemishes”.

Pastry tips & more:

To make those large swirls on my cupcakes I use large pastry tips. Many use the Wilton 1M tip, but I like those really large tips that is best used with a disposal piping bag. I got my pastry tips from a professional bakery supply store here in Denmark. But after browsing online for such large pastry tips, Ateco should be the brand to look for if you want really large pastry tips.

Cupcake tools

Now I have not tried the large pastry tips from Ateco yet, but I would really love to try them out one day. You should try and look for these large pastry tips below next time you are out shopping for cake supplies:

Open star:
# 827
# 828
# 829

Closed star:
# 847
# 848
# 849

French/fine star:
# 867
# 868
# 869

# 807
# 808
# 809

Another little tool that I like to use is my small offset spatular, that I use when I am making buttercream domes for rolled fondant covered cupcakes. But more about that in another post 🙂

If you like to read the other parts about my cupcake decorating, you can find them here:

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Happy Caking



  1. Saunier says

    Hi Louise,thaks for your sharing. Ihave learnt much from your website.
    For the cupcake, I have an problem with the paper cases. After baking the cupcakes, the paper cases always detached from the cupcakes. When I finished baking, I took the mould from the oven. And I usued to take the cupcakes from the mould after few minutes to the rack for cooling. Would you mind to tell me what should I do to slove my problem?

  2. Claudine says

    Hi Louise, you used your smallest tinkertech petunia cutter for this, correct? Not the medium?

  3. Claire says

    These are really pretty cupcakes. How do you decorate them with the blue and white (I can’t see them on your website)? Are they dipped or poured fondant?

    • says

      It’s fondant covered cupcakes. You can see how to in the Cupcake Decorating part 2 or 3 I think? The white is just a royal icing swirl. and then there are a gum past flower on top (this can also be found in my tutorials)

  4. Kimberly says

    Hi Louise, I am wondering if you can provide me the exact measurements of the cupcake wrappers that are slightly taller than the standard cups. I live in the US and went on the sites you provided, but none sold “wonder brand” liners. I even contacted one of the suppliers personally. I mostly use wilton, but I would like a taller cupcake but not jumbo. Thanks

  5. Claudine says

    Louise, I know you posted the tutorial for the pink flowers on top of the cupcakes before (you even mentioned where to get the veiner and the cutter), but I’m looking at the topics in your tutorial section now and can no longer seem to find it 🙁 . Could you direct me to the correct link? Thank you and I just love your work.

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