How to cover cupcakes with poured fondant

I have recived a lot of questions regarding the use of poured fondant icing on cupcakes. So in this tutorial I will try to show you how to cover cupcakes with poured fondant.

This is what I use:
White fondant
Abricot jam
Hot boiled water
Cupcakes (firm cupcakes works best)
Pastry brush
Tea spoon
Heatproff bowls
Optional: Flavourings and food colors.

Step 1:
Brush the cupcakes with a thin coat of hot abricot jam. Let it dry.

Step 2:
Place the fondant in a heatproff bowl and heat it gently in the microway oven for approx 1 min. It needs to be warm but dont let it boil. Give it a stir to get it smooth. It is important that you get the right consistency. If it gets too thick you will have difficulty to dip the cupcake properly and if it is too thin it will look transparent on the cupcake. Give it a few tries and you will find the right consistency. You can use boiled water, a tsp at a time, to thin it down. If it gets too cold gently reheat it in the microway oven a few sec.

Step 3:
Now take the cupcake and dip it upside down in the hot fondant. Carefully shake the excess fondant off. I like to dip my cupcakes so the fondant sticks to the paper cases.

Step 4:
Set the cupcakes aside and let them dry. If you like you can give them a second coat when the first one is dry.

Step 5:
Attach your choosen decoration on the cupcakes with dots of royal icing.

Note: Store the cupcakes in cake boxes. NOT in the refrigerator because that will dissolve the poured fondant. Also air thight containers can make the fondant melting.

Please visit my tutorial section if you want to learn other cupcake decoration techniques.

You can also see my tutorial where you learn how to make poured fondant icing.

Happy Caking!



  1. Nicole says

    Do you have any other alternatives to apricot jam? Such as another flavour of jam or perhaps a total substitute to it? Thanks in advance!

    • says

      The reason why the apricot jam is used is because it is neutral in taste and colorless too. If you want to color your fondant let’s say pink I cannot see why you could not use raspberry jam instead. I just always use the apricot jam.

  2. Jen says

    Have you ever used orange marmalade, raspberry preserves or blackberry jam? I have always been accustomed to buttercream, and I am worried that there won’t be enough flavor in the poured fondant and the finished cupcakes will turn out too dry without buttercream.

    Thanks so much, Your blog is amazing!

    • says

      I have never used fillings for my cupcakes with poured fondant. The fondant can be flavored but I have never found them to dry without any filling. Cupcakes with poured fondant should be freshly baked (a moist cupcake recipe is good) and then brushed with the abricot jam for sealing and then dipped in the fondant. Some brush a little sugar syrup on the cupcakes before the abricot jam to add a little moisture. But I find that too sweet.

    • says

      It seals the moisture in the cupcake but it also smoothe out the surface before covering it with the poured fondant. You cannot taste it.

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