How to decorate cookies with rolled fondant

Fondant cookies

Decorating with rolled fondant is the easiest way to get a beautiful cookie in no time. You use the same cookie cutter to cut out the rolled fondant and apply it to the cookie with a little bit of corn syrup.

I like to use small embossing sticks or veining tools to make pretty details in the rolled fondant. Royal icing and lustre dust is also great to use. There are no limits when it comes to decorating cookies. Just be creative!

Follow this tutorial on how to decorate cookies with rolled fondant.

This is what I use:

Sugar cookies in the shape of butterflies or dragonflies
Cookie cutters in the same shape
Non-stick board
Rolling pin
Corn syrup & brush
Soft brush for the lustre dust
Dresden & veining tool (I recomend the one from Jem)
Lustre dust (I have used: Aqua shimmer & Iced Pink from Edable Art)
Rolled fondant in your chosen colors + small amount of white rolled fondant
Paper towel


Step 1:

Roll out your rolled fondant thinly and cut out the wings with the cookie cutter.
We are only going to use the wing part. So you dont have to cut out the whole shape like I did. Just the wings.

Step 2:

Cut the wings in shape with a knife like shown on wing A.

Step 3:

Brush a thin coat of corn syrup on the wing part of the sugar cookie and gently place the wing pieces on top.

Step 4:

With your finger smooth out the edge of the wings.

Step 5:

Take your veining tool and mark the wings with fine lines.

Step 6:

Brush lustre dust on the wings with a soft brush. Use a piece of paper towel to protect your non-stick board!

Step 7:

Take a small piece of white rolled fondant and make the body and the head. Glue it on with a little corn syrup. Use the veining tool to make small marks down the body.


Step 1:

Take your chosen color for the large wing and roll out the rolled fondant thinly. Cut out the wings with the cookie cutter and cut wing A with a knife like shown on the photo.

Step 2 & 3:
Repeat step 3 & 4 from the dragonfly cookie.

Step 4:

Take your veining tool and make 3 lines on both large wings.

Step 5:

Roll out the second color of rolled fondant and cut out another pair of wings with the cookie cutter. Cut the small wings in the shape as shown on step 1/wing B. Brush a little corn syrup on the small wing parts.

Step 6:

Gently place the small wing pieces on the sugar cookie. With your finger smooth out the edges all around the small wings. Again use the veining tool to make 3 lines on the wings.

Step 7:

Brush lustre dust on the wings with a soft brush. Use a piece of paper towel to protect your non-stick board!

Step 8:
Repeat step 7 from the dragonfly.

Tip: Make the butterfly in all white rolled fondant, with pearl lustre dust. For the perfect wedding favor.

Please visit my tutorial section if you want to learn other cookie decoration techniques.

Happy Caking!



  1. Ann says

    I need your advise, im planning to use roll fondant on my medium size cookie, and need to know if i need to fully dry it before adding another fondant deco on top of it. Do i need my fondant deco to be dried first before sticking it to my roll fondant cookie or can i add the fondant deco immediately after cutting with cutter? I hope it make sense.thanks!

  2. Dee says

    Your cookies are beautiful. I have made cookies with rolled fondant before (Satin Ice) and let them set for a day then put in a tied cellophane bag. The fondant became very dry and hard to eat. I used corn syrup to adhere the fondant to the cookie. Any suggestions to keeping the fondant soft?

    • Louise says

      Have you tried to store them in air tight boxes and only just pack them in cellophane bags just until use? Fondant will dry and set eventually. I don’t think that there can be done much about it? I would not store fondant covered cookies for too long. It’s not a problem with royal iced cookies though.

  3. Sam C says

    Well done Louise these are lovely!

    Does using fondant soften the cookies in
    any way?

    And if you store the covered cookies in an airtight container, does the fondant go sticky (like I found with covered cupcakes)?

    • Louise says

      When decorating cookies with either royal icing or fondant they will get a little soft. I always let fondant cookies dry for a whole day + night before packing them in 1 layer. Otherwise the fondant will easily take on small marks and so. I have not experienced the fondant going sticky..

  4. Shamini says

    Thank you so much.
    I had bought some fondant to try to decorate cookies for our wedding. I tried with royal icing but wanted to give fondant a try too.

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