How to make a Christmas wreath cookie

This is the first of four special Christmas tutorials for you this Christmas 🙂 Today it’s a Christmas wreath cookie decorated with royal icing. You can use your favourite gingerbread or sugar cookie dough for the wreath. Remember to start colouring your icing 1-2 days in advance. That way the colour will have time to “mature” and it can save you from adding too much colour in the end.

This is what I use:
Round cookies with holes
Red royal icing (soft consistency)
Green royal icing (soft consistency)
Round tip 2 or 3 for the red icing
Leaf tip medium size for the green icing

Step 1:
Pipe the green royal icing leaves on the cookie. Starting from the inside of the cookie working your way around the wreath. Set aside to dry.

Step 2:
Pipe small red berries randomly on the wreath and set aside to dry completly.

Step 3:
Voila! A nice Christmas wreath cookie for you to enjoy.
Christmas wreath cookie

Happy Caking



  1. Maria says

    Everything you do is always so beautiful and perfect. Would you by any chance have a receipe for a gingerbread cookie you could share. Im having trouble finding something that taste good and doesnt spread too much. Thanks

  2. Louise says

    Becky: He he… that is not my counter top its my non stick board 😉 I had just changed the white balance on the camera. For the red and green splotches I was just hidding them. I cant go near gel paste without having it all over my hands. Glad that you liked the wreaths.

    Eunice: Snowflake cookies is so gorgeous. I wish the boxed set where you can cut out details in the cookie before its baked.

    StineHelene: Ja der må da være telepatiske evner på spil 😉

    Mrs Cakeaholic: Dejligt at høre fra andre danske bloggere.

    Rachel: Happy to inspire!

    charlotte: Sometimes the plain and simple is the most beautiful.

    Prettytoya: Thank you.

    sugardimples: Maybe I should do like you. But I just have so many things that Im dying to try for Christmas.

    My S&S: Thank you. What have you planned?

    Dhanya: Thank you.

    Ladybug Luggage: I too will be making cc with a touch of Christmas

  3. Dhanya says

    How do you make this red icing? I am having a hard time making the red buttercream because whenever i add the red the icing is bitter. Please help.


  4. says

    Cool! I’ll have to give this a try.

    Also, any tips on making the traditional sugar cookies with the pretty pictures on? I want to have a go at that ‘filling’ technique that looks so pretty.

  5. Ladybug Luggage says

    I have to make Christmas cupcakes, I love the wreath and will try it out on them, thanks for the inspiration!!

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