How to make a Christmas wreath cookie

This is the first of four special Christmas tutorials for you this Christmas 🙂 Today it’s a Christmas wreath cookie decorated with royal icing. You can use your favourite gingerbread or sugar cookie dough for the wreath. Remember to start colouring your icing 1-2 days in advance. That way the colour will have time to “mature” and it can save you from adding too much colour in the end.

This is what I use:
Round cookies with holes
Red royal icing (soft consistency)
Green royal icing (soft consistency)
Round tip 2 or 3 for the red icing
Leaf tip medium size for the green icing

Step 1:
Pipe the green royal icing leaves on the cookie. Starting from the inside of the cookie working your way around the wreath. Set aside to dry.

Step 2:
Pipe small red berries randomly on the wreath and set aside to dry completly.

Step 3:
Voila! A nice Christmas wreath cookie for you to enjoy.
Christmas wreath cookie

Happy Caking



  1. Frith says

    Louise, they look lovely! Just discovered your blog, am hooked already! I was just wondering how you made the leaves look like leaves?

  2. Carleen says

    Louise it is always a pleasure to look at your work. The cookies are gorgeous. I can not wait to see what is coming next!

  3. Patricia aka Jopalis says

    These are so cute! How could we make a bow? Do you have to rewhip the RI after it has sat for a couple of days for the colors to deepen?

  4. Louise says

    Dhanya: Ups so sorry I think I forgot to answer one of your questions about the red icing. I use an extra strong paste color only. Regular red colours takes forever and often the whole bottle to colour deep red.

    aileen. Thank you 🙂

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