How to make a Easter basket cookie

Easter basket cookie

The Easter bunny is out early, with a little Easter treat to all of you 🙂
So here is a tutorial on how you can make a sweet basket cookie for Easter. I have decorated my basket cookie with rolled fondant and decorated it with mini eggs and quick mini daffodil flowers. You could also just “fill” it with flowers if you dont want the eggs.

The basket cookie would also be perfect as a small Easter favor or you could use it as a place card for your Easter dinner. My baskets cookie have a small hole for the ribbon, but of course it is up to you, how you want to present your Easter baskets cookie.

This is what I use:
Basket shaped sugar cookies (make the hole with a round cutter or a knitting needle when the cookie is still warm but be careful not to get burned)
Basket cookie cutter (Coppergifts)
Basketweave embosser (Patchwork Cutters)
Rolled fondant icing (white, yellow and in the colors you want for the eggs)
Sugarcraft gun with medium round disc
Mini egg shaped cookie cutter (1/2″)
Green royal icing
Piping bag + plastic coupler
Leaf tip medium & round tip #2 (PME Sugarcraft)
Petunia flower cutter small
Small plastic palette
Rolling pin
Small paint brush
Corn starch duster
Clear corn syrup
Water or tylo glue

Step 1:
Roll out the white fondant thinly. Dust it with corn starch and emboss the fondant with the basket weave embosser. You can remove any excess corn starch with a soft brush.


Step 2:
Use the basket cookie cutter and cut out the basket shape. With a knife cut away the “handle” part and glue the basket piece on the cookie with corn syrup.


Step 3:
Load the sugarcraft gun with white fondant and make two 4″ strings. Twist the two strings together to make the handle. Again use corn syrup as glue. If you dont have a sugarcraft gun you can make the strings by hand.


Step 4:
Roll out the fondant for the eggs and cut out three eggs with the mini egg cookie cutter. Glue the eggs with corn syrup.


Step 5:
Fill a piping bag with soft green icing using #2 tip and pipe some green grass in the basket.


Step 6:
Pipe green vines and leaves. Place two daffodil flowers like shown on the photo. Let the royal icing dry before adding the ribbon to the cookie.


If you like you can stop after step 5 for a more simple basket cookie decoration.

How to make the quick daffodil flower:
If you let the flowers dry for 1-2 days you will not need to use gum paste or ad tylo powder.
Roll out the yellow paste and cut out the small flowers with the petunia cutter. Place the flowers in the plastic palette. Roll at tiny ball and glue it in the middle of the flowers. Take a thin paint brush or a small modelling tool and make an indention in the ball. Let the flowers dry.


Learn to create more delicious Easter treats here

Happy Easter & Happy Caking



  1. Joan E. says

    The tutorial was so helpful, thank you so much. Now, if mine could only turn out as good as yours.

  2. Vickymacd says

    These are so cute and when you break it down, it looks harder than it is.
    Thanks for showing how to make some really impressive cookies!

  3. says

    Den er helt og aldeles fantastisk Louise!!

    Hvor køber man så små påskeægsudstikkere? Jeg har desværre kun kunne finde cookieudstikkeren fra Wilton og den er nok lidt overdimentioneret! Jeg har ønsket mig din bog i fødelsdagsgave!


    Velsignet påske

  4. Geri says

    Thank so very much for taking time to do this for us! I just saw a similar cookie and was going to spend my weekend trying to dissect it so I could duplicate it. Happy Easter!

  5. Brenda says

    Louise, thank you so much for the step by step instructions. They are adorable! I can’t wait to try them as well. I’ve been hearing some good things about the sugarcraft gun…do you use yours a lot? Thanks again!

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