How to make a gum paste flower

gum paste flowers

This is one of the cupcake decorations, that many ask about. It is also one of the gum paste flowers that I always have lots of for later use. The cutter that I have used here, are a Petunia flower cutter. I have it in three sizes and the one used here are the largest of the three cutters that I have.

Follow this tutorial and learn how to make a gum paste flower. Use them to adorn your cakes and cupcakes as you can never get to many of these sweet flowers!

This is what I use:
Petunia flower cutters ( I use the ones from Tinkertech Two: 435, 573 & 599)
Five petal silicone veiner
Cornstarch duster
Gel paste color
Lustre dust
Tylo glue
Non stick Board
Rolling pin
Painter’s palette
Soft paint brush for the lustre dust
Small paint brush for the tylo glue
Gum paste
Edible sugar pearls (optional)
Royal icing (optional)
Non-pareils (optional)

Step 1:
Color you gumpaste with the gel paste color. Roll out your gum paste into 2mm thickness and cut out the flowers. Cut out 5 flowers at a time.

Step 2:
Dust the silicone veiner with cornstarch. Place the cut out flower in the veiner and place the pointed veiner part on top.

Step 3:
Give the veiner a light push with the palm of your hand. Open the veiner and carefully take out the flower. Place the flower in a painters palette and let it dry completely. Continue with the rest of the flowers.
Note: Remember to dust the silicone veiner with cornstarch when required.

Step 4:
When the flowers are dry, take a soft brush and brush off any cornstarch on the flowers. Then take a soft paint brush and lightly brush the flower with lustre dust from the center and out.

Step 5:
If you like, you can glue a little edible sugar pearl in the center of the flower. Let it dry and you will now have a pretty decoration for your cake or cupcake?.

Step 6:
This is just an example on what you also can use for the center of the flowers: A sprinkle of Non-pareils or small dots of royal icing.
gum paste flower

The Petunia flower cutter is not the only one that you can use together with the silicone veiner. Five petal blossom cutters also makes pretty flowers.

Please visit my tutorial section if you want to learn how to make other gum paste flowers and decorations.

Happy Caking!



  1. Oksana says

    Hello Louise, could you tell me if the veiner mold can be used to shape all of the three Petunia cutters or only the largest flower?

    • says

      It can be used for all three sizes. The largest flower may be a little to big but it still makes a nice flower for decoration.

  2. janers says

    Hi Louise,

    I was shopping on the GSA site and found this petunia cutter:
    it says it is approximately 1-3/4 inches – is that the correct size if I wanted to have one flower only per cupcake? (exactly like your photo w/ some pearls). I tried the other links but the Tinkertech set was sold out (even individually) 🙁

    They have 3 different sets available too, but one set doesn’t list all 3 sizes and they even have a different type of shape!

    I already bought the mold you suggested.
    Thanks for your help!

  3. mark says

    I have made flowers from premade fondant bought in tescos. However even after keeping the base for my roses in the fridge for over 24 hours they are still wet and sticky and are even sliding down the skewer that I’ve got them on. what am I doing wrong?

    • Louise says

      When making flowers you need to add a little tylo powder to your fondant (find it at your local cake decorating store) this will help the fondant to dry and harden to hold it’s shape. Do not store your flowers in the fridge as this will make them soft and sticky.

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