How to make a gum paste peony (part 2)

Gum paste peony
Here is the second part of my tutorial on how to make a gum paste peony. In this tutorial you will end up with a finished gum paste peony dusted with powdered colors. I have decided to make a part 3, to show you how to make the last row of petals with wired petals instead. I will also show you, how you can make a peony bud.

I have edited the material list and added a tall drinking glass (alternative a flower vase/flowerpot can be used instead) Make sure that the top of the glass is wider than the bottom. As this will support the peony flower better. You would also be needing a square piece of thin foam to place on top of the glass.

The foam should be flexible, but it should still be able to hold and support the peony flower while the petals are drying. If you can’t find such foam just try with something else. As long as its lint free and you can push the flower wire through the material it would be fine. When you see the photos I am sure it makes more sense.

OK! Let’s continue with the peony.

Step 1:
Roll out the gum paste and cut out 8 petals using the next peony petal cutter (3). Repeat the steps 3-4 from the peony tutorial part 1 for the petals and then place the petals in the chocolate egg mold, backside up. Let them dry for 20 mins.

Next brush a little tylo glue on the petal but only at the bottom of the petal. Arrange all the petals, so they overlap around the second layer of petals. Hang it upside down while you prepare for the next step.
Adding petals to a gum paste peony

Step 2:
Take a tall drinking glass and push the wire through the foam and let the peony rest in the glass. Then take small pieces of kitchen paper and carefully place them in between the petals, to give them a little shape. Allow to dry for at least 6 hours or more. I let my peony dry overnight.
Gum paste peony
Gum paste peony drying

Step 3:
When the petals are dry, remove the pieces of paper (save for later). Place the peony in styrofoam/cake dummy while you are preparing the last row of petals for the peony.
Gum paste peony

Step 4:
Use the last cutter (4) and cut out 10 petals. Again repeat the steps 3-4 from the part 1 but this time, place the petals in the foam apple tray instead. Let the petals dry for about 30 minutes.
Petals for a gum paste peony

Step 5:
Brush a little glue at the bottom of the petals and repeat how you added the previous row of petals on the peony for the last row of petals.
Gum paste petal
The petals should be covering the styrofoam ball completely by now.
Making a gum paste peony

Step 6:
Now is the time to shape the last row of petals. The petals on the photo are still soft, but if you like this look for your peony? Simply place it in the glass and if needed only place pieces of paper underneath the peony (between foam and peony) and not in between the petals like on the next photo.
Pretty gum paste peony
Let the peony dry overnight before removing the supporting paper pieces.
Separating petals on a gum paste peony

Step 7:
The peony flower is now ready for some color. Use different shades of mat pink dust colors and apply with light strokes and a soft brush. If you like, you can steam the flower to fix the colors. If you don’t know how to steam it? Simply hold the flower over boiling water for a few seconds and let the flower dry before start touching it. Be careful with the hot steam!
Coloring gum paste peony
Note: By a quick look in my box with color dusts. I can see, that I really need to get some of those really hot pink colors for my next peonies. Oh and some floral tape!

Not two peony flowers will turn out the same. The small difference in placing the paper pieces, using different size cutters, adding more or less petals. Makes each peony unique in it’s own way!

Go to How to make a gum paste peony (Part 1).

You can also visit my tutorial section if you want to learn how to make other gum paste flowers and decorations.

Part 3 is coming up soon.

Happy Caking!



  1. Jeanne says

    Oh Louise, how can I ever thank you for this wonderful tutorial!! I’ve been trying to make flowers for years, and I could just never make it work.
    Then I tried this tutorial–it worked so easy–looked fab–something just clicked!! You atr my hero!1 Thank you, Thank you!!

  2. Monica says

    Thank you very much for share this amazing tutorial with us.
    It is stunningly amazing! hugs

  3. cassie says

    hej Louise, hvor er de flotte! Hvor kan man købe peony udstikker i DK? Jeg kan hverken finde dem i dansk onine butikker eller i UK/Holland og jeg vil rigtig gerne bruge dem næste uge!

  4. eleanor says

    thanks for tellin me about the storage louise my mum will love the flowers and all hav to thank is you. surprisinly the day after i checked out these flowers and the purse cake she suggested we started baking together. I dnt no if she found out what i was planning for mothers day but im lookin forward to the baking

  5. eleanor says

    hi louise i was wonderin how i should store the flowers because im making a bouquet for mothers ay but my mum cant see it, will the be ok in a cupboard or do they need to go in a fridge?
    xx eleanor

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