How to make ballerina cookies with royal icing

ballerina cookies
I have made a tutorial inspired by the ballerina cookies that I made last year. These sweet ballerina cookies are perfect for a ballet or dress up party. You could use the tutu cookies as pretty gowns instead. Wrap a single cookie in a cellophane bag for a sweet party favor. I hope that you will enjoy my ballerina cookie tutorial.

This is what I use:
Cookie template: Ballet
Tip: For a more stronger cookie template, transfer or glue the paper cookie template onto strong craft paper
Vanilla sugar cookie dough or your own favourite cookie recipe
Small sharp knife
Wooden dowel, for making the hole in the ballerina cookie shoe
Royal Icing
Food gel color. I have used Pink from Sugar Flair
Piping bag with plastic coupler
Round piping tube no. 2
Plastic squeeze bottle
Small thin brush
Small amount of water in a cup
Satin ribbon in coordinating color for the ballerina cookie shoe
Cocktail stick

For the cookies:

Step 1:
Roll out the cold cookie dough on a piece of parchment paper lightly sprinkled with flour. Cut out the cookies using a small sharp knife and transfer the cookies to a baking sheet with parchment paper. Bake the cookies as directed in the recipe.

Step 2:
When the cookies are baked, take a wooden sharp dowel and carefully make a hole in the ballerina cookie shoe for the ribbon. Let the cookies cool comepletely on a cooling rack.

Step 3:
Color the royal icing in your choosen color. I have used the same color for both outlining and flooding. Take about 4-5 tbsp of royal icing and make it soft peak consistency by adding few drops of water. Fill it into the piping bag with a no. 2 round piping tube. Next take 1/2 cup of the colored royal icing and mix it slowly with drops of water to a runny consistency. Cover with plastic wrap and let it rest.

Ballerina cookie shoe:

Step 1:
Outline the cookie shoe with the soft royal icing. Use the brush and a little water to “push down” any small peaks.

Step 2:
Carefully stir the runny royal icing, to eliminate air bubbles and fill a squeeze bottle with the runny icing. Flood the ballerina shoe. Use a cocktail stick to “pop” any air bubbles while the icing is still wet.

Let the cookie dry (best overnight) before moving on with the next step.

Step 3:
Pipe a small bow with some soft peak royal icing on the cookie shoe and let it dry.

Step 4:
Finish the ballerina cookie shoe by adding satin ribbon.

Ballerina Tutu cookies:
Step 1:
Outline the tutu’s with the soft royal icing. Use the brush and a little water to “push down” any small peaks.

Step 2:
Flood the tutu’s and use a cocktail stick to “pop” any air bubbles while the icing is still wet. Let the cookies dry (best overnight) before moving on with the next step.

Step 3:
Decorate the tutu’s with soft peak royal icing and let them dry.

Tip: Give your ballerina cookies a little more sparkle by using edible glitter on the wet royal icing, when you pipe the decorations on the dry flooded cookies.

Happy Caking!



  1. Kris says

    Hey Louise, I made some of these last year in October! They did not look quite as good as yours, but they were pretty cute, and I got a lot of compliments. Thanks very much for the idea. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says

    No, as long as you use a quite cold dough and roll it onto parchment paper it is very easy to cut out the cookies. You can smooth any rough edges with your fingers.

  3. Sibel says

    Thank you so much for sharing and teaching 🙂 I always mess up the sugar cookies.
    1) Could you tell me a trick to move the excess dough away and lifting the cut cookie to the sheet without it loosing its form. Mine always looka bit wonky and the edges are never as sharp. Is my dough not chilled enough?
    2) How thick should the dough be once rolled out?
    3) Once I cut out all the shapes and re-knead all the scraps should I chill the dough before rolling it again?

    These are so pretty I want to make it for my friends daughter. She loves ballet 🙂

    • Anonymous says

      1. Always roll out the cookie dough on parchment paper. Use the parchment paper to flip the cookie into your hand and then onto the baking sheet. You can get the idea form here: It’s important that the dough is quite cold. Roll out a smaller portion at a time. If the cut out cookie have a rough edge you can either trim with the knife or smooth with your fingers.

      2. The cookie dough should be 5mm.

      3. I re-roll the scraps max. 2 times then I chill again.

  4. Laura says

    Hi Louise…as always beautiful work. Where can I find those Plastic squeeze bottle you use?, I normally use the plastic bag but when my boys want to decorate then desaster happens…they burst the bag or the icing comes from the top of the bags….thank you

  5. Lynn says

    These are really sweet. Judging from the undecorated slipper cookie it would turn out so beautifully. Thank you!

  6. Robinsnestcandles says

    Those are beautiful. I can never get my royal icing to taste good. Any suggestions? What recipe do you use?

    • Anonymous says

      I use a royal icing that calls for egg whites (pasteurized), powdered sugar and lemon juice. There are a link to it in the post.

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