How to make gum paste roses

gum paste roses

I have received many requests on how I made the large pink gum paste roses on the Cath Kidston cake. The secret behind them is not me, but a fantastic cake designer named Fran McGregor. She have made the most wonderful rose tutorial.

The way she guides you through the process is very clear and easy to understand. In the video is also listed all the equipments to make the rose, including the recipe for her fantastic modelling paste.

Click here to find directions on how to see the video tutorial on Youtube.

Good to know tips!
1. To make sure that the styrofoam egg will fit the JEM easy rose cutter. Bring along your cutter, so that you are buying the right size of styrofoam egg. Well at least with the two largest easy rose cutters 100mm and 110mm. For smaller roses use smaller easy rose cutters, rose petal cutters and make the cone out of gumpaste instead.

2. A block of styrofoam is great to place the wired rose cones in the start of the process. Later the roses need to hang upside down to dry through the process so make sure that you have either a broomstick or anything similar ready before you start on the roses.

3. The thin piece of foam that is used in the video is a great “helping hand” when attaching the rose petals.

4. I use the rose petal cutter set from TinkerTech Two wich is really nice and don’t forget to use the tylo glue.


If you prefer pictures instead of video you can take a look at my tutorial on how to make a sugar rose.

You can also visit my tutorial section if you want to learn how to make other gum paste flowers and decorations.

If you want to see more fantastic roses and cakes please visit Fran’s own website it is such a beautiful sight.

Happy Caking!



  1. Isabelle says

    Wow! Absolutely amazing roses… and great tutorial. Can I just ask how you attached these roses to your cake? Thanx x

  2. says

    Rachel Walker: Im sorry but I dont know what is wrong. I am however working on updating my own rose tutorial and hopefully they will look just as good. There have been a lot, who could not get access to the video.

  3. Rachel Walker says

    🙁 can’t get the video to work at all. Tried clicking on fran’s flickr link several times, but I just get ‘internet explorer cannot display the webpage’. Would very much like to watch, so if anyone has any suggestions would be much appreciated. x

  4. says

    Cindy Vickers: mine are about 30x35mm (if you can get them a bit smaller would be good. Because mine are a bit too big for the JEM cutters. You can also try and look for “celbuds” from Cel Cakes.

    Laverne: It is a very long video, so maybe this could be the problem?

  5. Laverne says

    I love these roses but for some reason can’t pull up the video – my computer downloads it but when I try to play with Quicktime it tells me “This is not a video file”. Any suggestions?? LOVE your site! Thanks for all the great tips!

  6. Cindy Vickers says

    What size styrofoam cone did you use? I see they have many different sizes and want to make sure I get the right one.


  7. says

    Alejandra Palafox: Please read through the post again. When you come to the “Here” link, click and it will take you over to a flickr site. Now you have to scroll down the page, looking for comments from franjmc. In one of her comments is the rose tutorial video.

  8. Alejandra Palafox says

    These roses are so beautiful, unfortunantly I can’t find the tutorial. If you could please, please help me find it. I would love to learn how to make such magnificent flowers.

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