How to make marshmallow fondant

Marshmallow fondant

Here is a little “How to” on how to make marshmallow fondant also known under the name MMF or chocolate MMF. You can use it to cover cakes. If you want to make flowers and figurines you will just have to knead in some Gum Tragacanth or Tylo powder so they dry up hard.

This is what I use:

Makes about 1 1/2 to 2 pounds

White marshmallows (16 oz)
Water (2 tbsp)
Icing sugar sifted (1 to 2 pounds)
Heatproof bowl
Food colors or cocoa powder
Flavouring optional

Note: you can of course use your kitchen mixer when mixing in the icing sugar. Just remember to grease the bowl and paddle attachment well with Crisco.

Step 1:
Making marshmallow fondant

Put the marshmallows in a heatproof bowl and add the water. Put the bowl in the microwave oven and heat it for approx. 2 mins. until the marshmallows puff up like on the photo.

Step 2:
Marshmallow fondant

Stir the marshmallows until they get smooth. This is the time where you can add your chosen food color/cocoa powder or give it flavour.

Note: Color the mixture a bit stronger than desired. You can always make the color lighter afterwards by mixing it with white marshmallow fondant.

Making marshmallow fondant

Chocolate marshmallow fondant

Step 3:
Making marshmallow fondant
Now add the icing sugar and stir the mixture with a well greased spoon. Keep adding icing sugar until it looks like a dough. Turn out the “dough” on a greased work board and with your hands greased with Crisco start kneading the marshmallow fondant. Keep adding a little icing sugar at a time until it is not sticky anymore.

Be careful not to use all the icing sugar as to much icing sugar can makes it too dry. It is ready when it feels pliable and ready to roll. If you are not using the marshmallow fondant straight away then rub a bit of Crisco on it and wrap it in cling-film and seal it in a airthight bag.

Note: Some uses the marshmallow fondant right away but I prefer to let it rest for a day before use.

If your marshmallow fondant feels very hard you can always warm it up in the microwave for a few sec. at a time. Then it should be more pliable to work with. If it feels dry then knead in some Crisco or if it is too soft add more icing sugar. I hope you can use it.

Please visit my tutorial section if you want to learn how to make other icings and frostings.

Happy Caking!



  1. says

    This looks great. This is the first recipe that doesn’t have melted chocolate chips in it, or a stand up mixer. I’m going to give this a test this week for a cake that I’m going to make for Easter.

  2. Elyysa says

    I made this yesterday and I found it hard to stir once out of microwave because it was so sticky. And it was also hard to roll out the dough I thought I could build muscle. It kept shrinking in when I rolled it out. So when I put it on my cake and cut the edge, the edge started to shrink and looked kinda hang. Please advice.

    • says

      Did you let it rest overnight while still slightly sticky? You should not add all the icing sugar at once. But add more on the next day. It is more flexible than regular fondant so you need to be a little more careful when trimming the cake.

    • says

      I just add cocoa powder to get the “base” light brown and then I add brown food color for the rest. I don’t have any specific measures

  3. Alyssa says

    I made this tonight. It tasted absolutely delicious! Of course, it probably wasn’t the best to use for a first time fondant user, I think I made it the completely wrong consistency. Oh well, at least it taste good!

    • says

      It can be tricky if youre not used to what and how fondant should feels like and behave. I can recommend to use premade and just get into working with fondant in the first place.

  4. Stephanie says

    I am planning to attempt using this icing for my kid’s next cakes. I was wondering if the fondant can be used for covering shapes. I am wanting to make Minnie Mouse ears using styrofoam balls and a bow. DO you know if fondant will work to cover ears or should I try a different material. Thanks in advance for any tips.

  5. Crystal says

    I tried a recipe similar to this a number of years ago with some success. I make a zebra cake. Ifirst put white all over the cake let it freeze then put some black on it. if you stick in in the freezer thigh make sure to give it hours of thaw time because marshmallow freezes more than other frosting

  6. Kate says

    Hi I’ve only recently discovered fondant and I was wondering what you meant by icing sugar? Could this be powdered sugar?
    Sorry for the absurd question!

  7. Kessia G Beltran says

    thanks Louise , I allways wanted to know how to do MMF!! now I can say I had lerned from Louise site.!
    Thanks Kessia

  8. annie says

    Hi Louise, does this delicious marshmallow fondant sweat after i put them on cake in the fridge? off shelf fondant sweat & melt when i always do so. Spore iis a very humid country hence i cant place designed fondant on cakes..thanks.

    • Louise says

      It can start to sweat 🙁 I have seen some placing the covered cake in the refrigerator inside a large cardboard box along with a small bowl filled with baking soda. This should help keeping the moisture off the cake.

  9. gihan says

    Hi Louise, as the weather here was very hot and humid its only recently that i tried to make my own fondant! I couldnt make your recipe because its in ounces and what we have here is in grams, so i made 300grms marshmallow, 450gr icing sugar, 1tbsp + 1tsp water, a bit of shortening on the counter and on my hands . I must confess the taste was fabulous, but it was a bit hard to knead with the possibility to tear! As a result it was a bit difficult to color with strong colors! It was not sticky at all, on the contrary i think maybe it needed less sugar, so the next time i will not pour all the sugar at once, i will do it in portions. However, it is good for figure making. The only disadvantage is the difficulty in coloring! But the taste is greattttt. Its worth to try again! 🙂 Gigi

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