How to Make Pirate Cookies

Pirate Cookies

It seems that pirate themed birthday parties are very popular these days, especially for little boys.

So, I thought I would do a tutorial on making cute pirate cookies.

I chose to make the skin tone a little darker but you can make the skin tone lighter if you want. You can also change the color of the hats. I made red hats with yellow polka dots. You can try blue hats with white polka dots or anything else you like :)

If you don’t want to make pirate cookies, you can use this same tutorial to make cupcake toppers….YAY! 😀

This is what I used:

Brown fondant for the face (you can use a lighter skin tone color if you like)
Red fondant
Yellow fondant
Black fondant
Black edible marker
Rolling pin
Corn syrup or water for sticking all the pieces
Sugar cookies
Circle cutter (Same size as your cookies. My cookies had a diameter of about 1.5 inches)

Step 1:
Roll out some brown fondant.

how to make pirate cookies 1 Step 2:
Use your circle cutter to cut out a circular piece.

how to make pirate cookies 2

Step 3:
Brush some corn syrup on your cookie and stick that brown circular piece.
Press gently with your finger until it sticks properly.

how to make pirate cookies 3

Step 4:
Now, roll our some red fondant.
Use your circle cutter to cut out a circular piece.

how to make pirate cookies 4

Step 5:
Use your knife to cut this circle in half.

how to make pirate cookies 5

Step 6:
Use your knife to trim your half circles a little more.
Don’t discard those little strips. Keep those aside since you will need them soon.

how to make pirate cookies 6

Step 7:
Brush some corn syrup near the top of your cookie and stick this semi circle.
This will be the hat of your little pirate.

how to make pirate cookies 7

Step 8:
Remember those little strips of red fondant? We will use those now…
Roll them into thin “ropes.”


how to make pirate cookies 8

Step 9:
Then, gently curve them with your finger into a tiny loop. You will need 2 loops.
Also, roll out a tiny red ball.

how to make pirate cookies 9

Step 10:
Place both those loops along the left side of the red hat.
Then, place the ball on top of it and press gently until this whole thing sticks into place.

how to make pirate cookies 10

Step 11:
To complete the hat, roll out little yellow balls and press them on top of the hat.
You can also just use an edible marker and draw little circles to create this polka dot effect.

how to make pirate cookies 11

Step 12:
For the ears, roll out 2 small balls of brown fondant.
Place them on either side of the cookie.
Then, use the back of your paintbrush to press it into place.

how to make pirate cookies 12

Step 13:
To make an eyepatch, cut out a thin strip of black fondant and stick it along the side of the face.

how to make pirate cookies 13

Step 14:
Roll out a small black ball and press it onto the black strip.
The eyepatch is complete!

For the nose,  roll out a small brown ball and stick it onto the center of the face. Don’t press the ball! You want it to look round and perky.

how to make pirate cookies 14

Step 15:
Use a black edible marker to add details like eyes, mouth and even a little stitch along the side of the face.
You can also add a beard if you like…hehe

how to make pirate cookies 15

And you are done!

pirate cookies 9

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial :)

Happy caking!


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  1. Plum says

    I love prates! 😀
    What a fantastic tutorial! Your methods are always so simple but your results are always so professional looking and perfect.
    The sign of a true master. <3

    Do you think you could make some ninja cookies too?

    • says

      @Plum…Thanks alot! That was a very sweet compliment.
      I haven’t tried making a ninja cookie yet but I will try to work on it :)

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