How to make Tylo glue

This glue is perfect for all kinds of sugarwork and it is very quick to make. Here you can see how to make Tylo glue:

This is what you will need:
1 tsp. of Tylo powder (CMC)
approx. 30 tsp. of boiled cooled water
1 plastic container with lid

Mix water and powder in the container. Close with the lid and shake well, it will look lumpy at first. Leave overnight so the Tylo will dissovle into a clear thick gel. It should be keept in the refrigerator and away from direct sunlight. Change your tylo glue every second week

Note: you can add more cooled boiled water if it gets to thick.

Happy Caking



  1. Robyn says

    Did you use this Tylo glue to stick the m&m’s to your cand valentine cake? If not what did you use?

  2. says

    madelaine: It is to prevent it from getting “mouldy” thats why its good to use boiled water and to keep it in the fridge. But if you use it daily you can just use tap water, but you will then have to change it oftenly.

    Sue: The only way would be to order it from overseas. I did get a reply from one, who just used dental powder as it should contain some gum additive. But I have NOT tried it myself.

  3. sue says

    hey louise,
    your website is AMAZING! im in love with all your ideas…just started experimenting with decorating and i’m wondering if you have any idea where i can pick up tylose powder in china or hongkong?im based in Shenzhen and im desperate to get some!

  4. madelaine says

    hi louise,

    why do you have to boil water & let it cool? couldn’t i just use tap water or room temp filetered water?

  5. Tian-tian says

    Hi, i was wondering if you could use rice flour as a substitute for Tylo… if not, where could I get Tylo in Houston, TX?

  6. Kai says

    I managed to get the stuff Finally! so happy =)
    I would like to ask, is there a difference between Tylo powder and Tylose powder? After kneading in the tylose powder, can i use the paste immediately to form flower etc or do i need to wait for it to dry?

  7. Sel says

    Thank you Louise for your tips. Very much appreciate your generosity in sharing. Absolutely love the gorgeous little snail on your homepage today – one day I will have to attempt it… 🙂

  8. Kai says

    Hello Louise,
    Your tutorial is simple so beautiful crafted and i’m so in loved with each and everyone of it…however sad to say, i am based in Singapore and most of the ingredient seems to be hard to locate…does those UK online shop shipped the item to Singapore? It will be perfect if they do…

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