How to make Tylo glue

This glue is perfect for all kinds of sugarwork and it is very quick to make. Here you can see how to make Tylo glue:

This is what you will need:
1 tsp. of Tylo powder (CMC)
approx. 30 tsp. of boiled cooled water
1 plastic container with lid

Mix water and powder in the container. Close with the lid and shake well, it will look lumpy at first. Leave overnight so the Tylo will dissovle into a clear thick gel. It should be keept in the refrigerator and away from direct sunlight. Change your tylo glue every second week

Note: you can add more cooled boiled water if it gets to thick.

Happy Caking



  1. Nathaniel says

    Hi Louise,
    I (am a male )live in India & i cannot get many things that you get there . Can the icing be used as the glue.

    • Louise says

      You can soften some of the icing/fondant with a few tsp of boiling water. Stir to soften/melt the icing and when it’s kinda liquid use it as glue.

    • Louise says

      No, sorry. If you need an alternative to tylo to make edible glue. You can mix a little fondant with a little boiled water. This will give you a thin sticky glue that works just as good.

  2. Aleshia says

    I have been running around, desperately trying to find Tylose and/or CMC. I have had no luck whatsoever. I bought Guar gum and Xanthan gum. Can I use these as a substitute for Tylose or CMC? I really hope so.

    • Anonymous says

      I think that you can use both. They should both help as a thicken agent in the food industry. Try with a little fondant and see how it goes. Feedback much appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Emmawalker says

    I need to drape some fondant around a round cake (like draped folds) – do you think I should add tylo to the fondant and use tylo glue to secure it?? I’m worried that fondant on it’s own will crack?

    • Anonymous says

      I would use half gum paste and half fondant mixed to make the drapes. Too much tylo will cause cracks. Use tylo glue or piping gel to secure to the cake. Just remember to let the part where you’ve added the glue to get a little sticky before you place the drapes on top. Good luck 🙂

  4. Mfeehally says

    I have just bought typo as I was told I could harden my creation made with sugar paste but there are no quantities on the pack can u assist please

    • Anonymous says

      I never really use any specific amounts. I just take the amount of fondant. And sprinkle a little bit on my work board. You can after 5 minutes of kneading feel the different. If it’s a very large piece of fondant I would still add it in small amounts over time as it will thicken and harden after some time.


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