How to Make Petit Fours

Petit Fours

I have for a long time wanted to try out some Petit Fours from Martha Stewart made with pound cake and Petit Four icing. So yesterday I went into the kitchen to bake a basic vanilla pound cake (I used another pound cake recipe than the one from MS).

I wanted to try out the Petit Four icing from MS but since I did not have any light corn syrup in the house, I decided to try out a package of instant fondant icing mix to see how that is to work with. To get the small Petit Fours I used the trick cutting the pound cake into 1″ thick slices and with a round circle cutter you cut out the small cakes.

Pound cake

Then you place the small cakes on a wire rack with a baking tray underneath to collect any leftover icing. I had my mixed instant fondant icing heated and ready. Use a ladle to pour the icing over the small cakes in a circular movement. Here it is important that you quickly pour enough icing over the cakes because you want to seal the cakes completely with the icing. If the icing is too thick at this stage you will have problems with it harden before it have covered the small cakes all the way to the bottom.


I must say that the instant fondant icing mix was ok to work with but I still want to try out the Petit Four icing recipe on MS because it just looks so smooth and pourable. When the Petit Fours are all done with the icing, you can cut them loose by using a small sharp knife and with slightly wet fingers transfer them to cupcake paper cases. Now your Petit Fours are ready to be decorated. I used some gum paste Hydrangea and some Primrose flowers for my Petit Fours.


Store your Petit Fours in a card board box that is not completely airtight or the icing can get sticky. The refrigerator will melt the icing.

Happy Caking!



  1. kimberly says

    I am 8 years old and my mom is a big fan. I really love this picture, those tiny cakes look sooooo cute šŸ™‚

  2. Bing says

    WOW! These are beautiful! One question… any idea how this would work with regular fondant icing? I’ve thinned with water and heated in a saucepan but it turned jelly-like and the outcome wasn’t what I had expected! I’d love to make them but lack majorly in skills! :S
    Bing <3

  3. Calamity Katie! says

    i was always too scared to make petit fours. now i’m not. glad i googled it found your blog! thanks for posting. i thought it was to be too technical but you make it so easy. again, thanks!

  4. Rosemry Janisse says

    I have used MS poured fondant recipe and find if to be one of the best. That is about the only thing I use of hers.

  5. liam says

    even though im a kid and studing food tech at school for gcse i thought that these would be great thats y im using them in my project.They look ausum and thanks for giving me the ida .

  6. Flor says

    Thank you…I was just thinking of whether to buy the wilton imprints a couple of days ago now I will definitely buy it šŸ™‚ best deal-I got 50% off coupon yeheyyy.

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