Hi! I am a blogger, baker and cake decorator who loves sharing my passion with others. I am also a "chocoholic" and have a major sweet tooth! ;)

Pink Bow Cake

pink bow cake featured image

Who knew gray and pink colors would work so beautifully together, especially on a cake?! I made this simple and elegant pink bow cake over the weekend with that color scheme and just decorated with bows. To make this cake, you will need the … [read more...]

Sassy Spider Cookies

sassy spider cookies

One of my favorite cookies to make on Halloween are these cream filled sassy spider cookies. These cookies are great to make with any leftover Halloween candy you don't know what to do with. They are just so darn adorable and they would look even … [read more...]

Dino Cupcakes

dino cupcakes 02

A lot of little kids, especially boys, go through a phase where they are crazy about dinosaurs. So, I made these cute cupcakes with little dino toppers which would be ideal for a dino themed birthday party. You won't be needing any cutters for … [read more...]

Snail Cupcakes

snail cupcakes featured image

I was reading a fairy tale book to my little one and it was so beautiful and colorful. There were pictures of all types of whimsical creatures, including a very colorful snail. So, I decided to make one out of fondant and it turned out … [read more...]

How To Make A Pencil Cake

pencil cake

This cake was a special request from my son. He started going to school recently and wanted a pencil cake at the end of his first day :) So, I was happy to make one for him. You can decorate this  cake in fondant but I think that using … [read more...]