Deborah Hemming is a food and hospitality writer who lives, cooks, eats and drinks in Montreal, Quebec. Originally from Nova Scotia, Deborah moved to Montreal to earn her Master of Arts in English Literature from McGill University. Recently graduated, she's now taking on the real world one recipe at a time. She loves red wine, Ruth Reichl, and browned butter.

10 Festive Frostings


Bakers, rejoice! It's officially the holiday baking season. I'm sure you're all hard at work whipping up delectable cakes, cupcakes and cake pops so I thought I would provide you with some frosting inspiration. This Christmas, deck out your cakes in … [read more...]

Top 10 Cheesecake Recipes


Thick slabs of decadent creaminess, flecked with flavour and packed with mouth-coating richness. The cheesecake has long been an infamous source of dessert indulgence. Some think it “too rich” or “too heavy” but I think it’s just right after a … [read more...]

Top 10 Hand Pie Recipes


Rustic pastry parcels oozing with gooey, gorgeous filling! The hand pie is a much-loved update on the humble slice. Take these beauties with you anywhere: to a potluck, to a picnic, even to school for lunch. They pack up nicely and delight all who … [read more...]

12 Best Maple Desserts


The haunting sweetness of maple syrup is a wonderful addition to any dessert. Not only does it often replace refined sugar, it adds incredible depth of flavour to baked goods and the like. I love experimenting with maple syrup: I add it to oatmeal on … [read more...]