Frangipani tutorial

Many have asked me about the sugar flowers that I used on the lemon meringue cupcakes. I can tell that the flowers are called frangipani. A very “simple” flower to make as you use 5 petals in the same size. Frangipanis is often in the color combinations white/yellow or pink/yellow.

So while I was browsing for suppliers for the cutters I found this cool Frangipani tutorial online. It is with photos and is well explained. I hope that you will enjoy it and that it will help you make beautiful frangipani flowers for you cakes and cupcakes.

You can buy frangipani cutters here:
Earls Craft ‘N’ Cake
International Sugar Art Collection

Note: If you know other suppliers who have frangipani cutters please let me know and I will add them here. Thanks!

Happy Caking



  1. Hi, Can you tell me what icing and the recipe you have used on these cupcakes. It looks smooth and shiny, much better texture than the butter cream I make. Thanks

  2. Hi Louise, Thanks for the tutorial. I never could figure out how to get the center right. I do have one question, though. Do you know where I can get frangipani cutters that have a slightly pointed shape? Frangipani’s (plumeria) don’t have totally rounded petals. I grow them at my house, and though they are mostly rounded, they are not completely round.

  3. Hi! I love the simple look of these flowers! But the chalk you talk about…is it “actual chalk” or more like dusting powders?
    Thanks for all fun editorials, they’re always a huge help!

  4. Mara: I think that sugarcraft flowers are so amazing but like you yes they can be tedious:-) maybe thats why I only make the more simple ones??? So no it is not just you count me in aswell…lol!

  5. This is a random question but when you are making the flowers…do you ever think…GEE this is so tedious?! I have started doing fondant flowers and the like and while I love the outcome of them, they take some doing…and some time of course and then I hesitate to use them because I put so much work into them. Is that just me?!

  6. Wow it so great to see that many of you love that tutorial too:-)

    First thank you Shara for the link to another supplier.

    For the question about MMF and Tylose powder. You can add Tylose to your MMF no problem with that. If you dont add it to your fondant/MMF it will be to soft to work with when making flowers and modelling.

    Thank you Barbara.

    It look like your comments work now:-)

  7. Hi Louise,

    I’ve been visiting your site now for a while, but I always have some trouble with the comments, I hope I do right this time..hihi.

    I just wanted to say that you really are a inspiration to me! Your work is so amazing.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve added you to my links.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    xxx Bar

  8. Hi Louise,

    I’ve been visiting your site for a while now and I love your bakings so much. You really are a inspiration to me! I’ve added you to my links, I hope you don’t mind.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    xxx Barbara

  9. Thanks so much Louise; I can’t wait to start making these. Is it absolutely necessary to have the addition of tylose/cellagen to the fondant? I usually make MMF; do you know if it’s ok to add tylose to MMF? and I’m wondering if MMF fondant would be too soft. Thanks for any feedback you can give me.


  10. I cannot wait to try this. What is the “glue” they are referring to? Is store bought rolled fondant ok to use as is or do I need to add the ingredients listed?


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