Petit Fours decorated with fondant roses

I have a thing for small sweet treats and petit fours are definitely one of them. These petit fours are made with a delicious vanilla butter cake and a home made raspberry jam filling. They are covered with a simple pink sugar icing and decorated with pink fondant roses and small piped royal icing leaves on top. A sweet little treat for Valentine’s Day.

If you find petit fours too sweet, then try to use some fruit or curd filling as this can help making the petit fours less sweet. Next time, I will try and cut three or four thin layers of cake, so that I can make them with even more fruit filling.

You can read more about how you make them in my tutorial how to make petit fours

I have also found some great video’s on YouTube:

Petit Four video

Petit Four video part 1
Petit Four video part 2
Petit Four video part 3

Happy Caking!



  1. Another beautiful creation, thanks for the inspiration!
    The only question I have is do you (or anyone) know where to get the square petit four cases? I dont think that the standard round ones look as professional, and would ideally I would like foil ones, but after hours of searching the web I can only find square ones made from silicone.

    • I can really recommend one of the videos where they place the petit fours on a fork and hold it over the bowl of icing and then pour it over. That way the excess runs straight back ready for re use. It will give a few crumbs in the icing but I did not have any problems with it. As long as you have trimmed the cake for any brown crust.

  2. Thank you for all the information you so freely give… I am a grandmother who only makes cakes for my family and I really enjoy and use so many of your great tutorials.


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