One of Taiwan’s well-known summertime beverages and treats is aiyu jelly. Since the jelly is so energizing, it is sometimes offered at night markets as a drink to offset the salty meals available there. There are many advantages to any jelly’s nutritional content. It has a lot of pectins, which help with digestion and plant food absorption. Additionally, the Taiwanese dessert has nutrients, including vitamins and dietary fiber, that can lower blood cholesterol levels and control metabolism. Moreover, the jelly is made using the seeds of the Taiwanese native Ai Yu Jelly Fig, which has great value to the local aboriginal populations in the Alishan Mountain Range. The seeds are gathered and rinsed in spring water in a linen bag. Below are the instructions on how to make aiyu jelly in your home. To achieve the desired outcome, carefully follow the instructions given!

Ingredients That You’ll Need for Aiyu Jelly

  • 20g of dried fig fruit (Aiyu seeds) 
  • 5 cups of cold spring water 
  • ½ cup of fresh lime juice 
  • 2 tablespoons of honey

Instructions To Follow

Step 1: First, put 5 glasses of cold spring water in a basin, and insert the seeds into the mesh bag/cheesecloth.

Step 2: Next, soak the seeds in the water while massaging and squeezing them. The gel from the seeds should cause the water to become yellow and feel slimy.

Step 3: Then, refrigerate the bowl for 30 minutes to allow it to solidify.

Step 4: In the basin, cut the jelly into cubes. After that, spoon them into serving bowls.

Step 5: To add flavor: add a few spoons of lime juice and honey mixture. Serve this cold.

How long does Aiyu Jelly last?

Consume the aiyu jelly within a day or two of preparation and keep it cold at all times. The aiyu jelly needs 2 to 3 hours to thoroughly solidify after cooking. The jelly’s water will start to release if refrigerated for longer than two days. If the jelly is cut, the water will begin to release within the next day. The jelly will continue to shrink as more water is discharged, which does not imply that the jelly has gone bad. You may still eat it.

Therefore, it is better to eat the jelly within a day or two of making it. Additionally, it’s a good idea to just chop the jelly right before serving. After cutting, if water is found in the jelly container, just throw the water out and continue using the jelly. Additionally, it’s best to put the jelly together just before serving. It prevents the water from the jelly from leaking out and diluting the syrup. 

Cooking Tips for Aiyu Jelly

Use only cold water if it’s necessary. The seeds will release a pectin gel as a result of the rubbing action and the cool water’s temperature. Also, do not use reverse osmosis water since it will prevent the mixture from settling. Use mineral or spring water in its place.

How to Store?

If you want the aiyu jelly to stay firm, put it in the refrigerator. But after a day or two, it will start to lose its gel-like texture and become watery. It is, therefore, better to eat this dessert as soon as it is still fresh.

This recipe is perfect for your summertime vibe! Because it offers a lot of nutrients in addition to a delicious and refreshing taste. Additionally, the preparation and cooking methods are quick and easy. Try it out at home, then kindly let us know how it goes by leaving a comment below. Enjoy! 

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