Cupcake paper toppers

Once again I have been in the crafty mood. I got these pretty cupcake paper cutouts from my local craft store and I knew that they would be great to use as cupcake paper toppers. So with some nice scrapbooking paper, pink ribbon and my hot glue gun, I made these sweet and charming cupcake paper toppers. I think I will be using them for my daughters next Birthday.

The best part is that I made 12 extra cupcake paper toppers for 1 lucky reader to win and I have even added some brown greaseproof cupcake paper cases to the prize aswell.

So if you would like a chance to win this pretty cupcake decorating kit. All you have to do is leave me a comment.

I will use integer generator to pick out the lucky number and the deadline will be Monday, April 12. 2010 at 8.00 p.m GMT+1 The lucky winner will be announced later Monday evening. Remember to fill in the email field on the comment, so I have a way to contact you. This giveaway has ended!!

The lucky winner are #6 Congratulation to Stacy

NOTE: the giveaway competion can only be entered by leaving a comment. Any emails send directly to me will not be considered!



Happy Caking!



  1. Ruby: The link is to some very large tips. Not sure if they are bigger than the wilton ones?
    I love that the IMBC is quite soft for piping.

    Debbie: Yes, there will be instructions for the cupcake paper toppers very soon.

  2. I love to bake and would love to know how to make the cup cake toppers.Do you think you would be able to put up instructions on them? You are so creative and love your site. Thanks

  3. Hi Louise – thank you for your reply and tutorials. I didn’t know they were on your website.

    I live in Canada so not sure what type of tip your link is?

    I buy Wilton tips (as that’s pretty much all we have). I have the 1M, 2D, etc. I think I need practice, though hand pain doesn’t allow me to practice all that much. I do enjoy making good quality cupcakes and especially italian meringue buttercreams.

    Love your blog (and I appreciate that you take the time to respond to everyone’s comments). Thank you 🙂

  4. Edith: Thank you, I now and then get such awards, but I have decided not to go along with them. I need to concentrate on the cake blogging.
    But thanks anyway, sweety!

  5. They look cute and yuMmy… I would love to try and make some of my own but I don’t know if I got the skills that you do. =)

  6. How do you get that perfect swirl?? I’ve been practicing for months! Could you tell me what tip you’re using? They are beautiful!

  7. Just a little information about the toppers. They are very easy to do: paper punches, wooden cookie sticks, embellishment, craft glue/hot glue gun and ribbon. Yes there will be a tutorial on those 🙂

    For those of you who live in scandinavia I can tell that the cupcake cut outs are from Panduro Hobby.

  8. Hi Louise,

    Your cakes and recipes are absolutely amazing. Its one thing to have such a passion for cake baking and decorating and another thing to actually share it with everyone else. It is really amazing. The photos you post are so nice. I almost always drool when visiting your website. Hats off to you and your tutorials.

  9. Those cupcake toppers are perfect for my daughter’s 2nd birthday! The theme is Michelle’s Sundae Best! I love it! Thanks for sharing! :o)

  10. These are so adorable, I love the fact that more cute and elegant items for cake/cupcake decorating are coming out.

  11. Very cute idea, I never thought about making my own. I’ll have to take a look in the scrapbooking isle for more ideas.
    I just happened upon your site about 3 months ago, and find it very informative. We should form a networking group to give each other ideas.

  12. I love the papper topper even if i dont win that because im from Portugal and send that is very expensive off course, could you please explain how you do all that cuts in papper? Is on the store or you have some papper cutters?

  13. They are lovely, and also fantastic if you have small children who like to help decorate the cupcakes but still luck the skills! Or if you are in a hurry but want to present something classy!

    Love them!

  14. SO Gorgeous!!! That is a brilliant idea, cheap and great for those who are not into eating sugar decorations =D

  15. I am from Australia and love seeing what you are doing each week. You always have such great ideas and give me such inspiration 🙂

  16. Hej Louise. De er helt fantastiske! Hvilken butik har du fundet det i? Hvis jeg ikke vinder, kan jeg jo drøne forbi selv og klistre det sammen.
    Knus Jane

  17. prettyPRETTYpretty 🙂
    you’re so creative, i get my sugar fix by just popping over to see what you’ve come up with! …

  18. These cupcake toppers are so cute. Would love to have them so I can put them on the butter pecan cupcakes I will be baking for a bridal shower party this week.
    Love your website Louise!

  19. These cupcake toppers are so cute. This will look great for this Friday’s bridal shower party at work..
    Love your website Louise!

  20. What a wonderful idea.It makes them really stand out, and you could adapt the idea,baby showers, moving house etc Thank you for sharing x

  21. I love these… i just found this website.. doing a google search.. i just started decorating so im so excited that im learning more and more everyday…

  22. I just love these pretty little things. They look so perfect. You do such lovely work!
    I was never much interested in doing cupcakes until recently. They have become so popular in the past couple of years, I am doing more and more lately.

  23. I love cupcakes!!! and would love to have these to toppers they are fantastic you are really creative…. thanks

  24. oh my god these are beautiful :O it would be perfect for my daughters birthday cupcakes 😀 im from dubai (united arab emirates) i love everything about this website this site is the reasone that made me start baking and i love every moment of it so thank you to everyone whos behind thsi wonderfull site.

  25. This is such a cute idea! My niece has been asking me to make some cupcakes for her but I’ve been a little stuck on how to decorate them. These toppers would be the perfect solution. I know she’d get a kick out of keeping them to play with later on too. 🙂

  26. I love your website and what you do!
    As a small time baker still learning my ways, your creations are inspiring and I look forward to every post you put up!
    Annie V

  27. I am always checking your site to see what is new and innovative. You are so creative..thanks for the ideas. Love the cupcake toppers!

  28. You’re super talented!
    Love, love your talent, wish it grows on me.
    Hope to be the winner, it’s the perfect excuse to make some cupcakes and enjoy with family + friends.

  29. OMG!i absolutlely ADORE the cupcake toppers!! Would u mind doing a tutorial for cute or fancy cupcake toppers, pls? i know they are easy to make, but i hd never done it as good as yours. ive been searching the net for cupcake toppers tutorial but hardly find any nice one. Would you mind sharing with me pls? tq! 🙂

  30. I love to see what you come up with and these are one of the best! They are so cute, I can’t wait to use them. Keep posting, I love to read your post.

  31. You create adorable sweets and its allways as fun to take a peak on your blog and see that youve written and created something new. You go girl..:P

  32. Beautiful! They might also look cute on cake ball pops placed in mini cupcake cases.The scalloped edges look very pretty.God Bless

  33. Love the idea 🙂 I have all types of scrapbook stuff lying around and was trying to think of a way to combine the two. I think I’ll bake and scrap tomorrow. What a great way to start the week.

  34. Love it!!!! What a wonderful idea!! I bet your daughter will absolutely love them! I know I do! You always have such GREAT ideas!

  35. they’re adorable!! talented at baking and decorating AND scrapbooking!?! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, yet *another* fantastic idea.

  36. I love your cupcakes! I’m like a cupcake fanatic! Love to bake! I was wondering if you can do a tutorial on frosting cupcakes techniques. Thanx a bunch! =)

  37. Mmmmmm Cupcakes!! so do we get the yummy cupcake too?? lol these would be so fun to add to my (as my hubby says)”Caking Supplies”. He is such an enabler.. the best kind of hubby!!

  38. I would love to win this cupcake topper set!!! Baking is my PASSION, after all STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS!!!!

  39. OMG, how super cute are they!! I so wish I was clever enough to think of doing things like that. i have a whole pile of scrapbooking stuff that I probably need to sort through as who know’s what stuff I may have in there that’d make excellent cupcake toppers! Great idea!

  40. So gorgeous Louise! I’m always excited to see a new post from you. I know it will always be something beautiful and special.

  41. These are absolutely adorable! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and I love all of your work. It is neat, simple, and beautiful – maybe even more tasteful than they look as well!! Can’t wait to see what you decide to do next!

  42. OMG these cupcakes are so cute!!! I love pretty cards, drawings and any cute paper design…what a great idea to combine pretty things and sweetness.

  43. Honestly Louise, I would love to connect your mind to PowerPoint, and then just hit PLAY! I also appreciate your packaging ideas. I am always looking around for something innovative and unusual for church bake sales.
    On a final note, you have mentioned “wonder” papers in the past … that they are slightly higher than the normal sized liner, but I just cannot seem to find them anywhere.
    Do you have manufacturer’s name you could share? (I live in the U.S.) Any information would be so very much appreciated.
    And thank you for all you do.

  44. been looking every where for new tips !!! your site is awesome gave it to many friends and have bought
    many items from your links !!!
    April 12 is my B-day 🙂 yuk another year older !!!

  45. I’m pretty new at decorating and recently discovered your site. What a fantastic resource! The tutorials are very helpful, and your sugar cookie recipe is yummy! My cupcakes would love to meet your charming toppers. Thanks for sharing your skills with all of us!

  46. Those are the sweetest cupcake toppers! They would be a perfect addition to M’s 10th birthday treats. Here’s to hoping for the win as I’m not known for being craft. Cheers 🙂

  47. What a lovely idea for a girly tea party. I’m looking for ideas for my daughter’s first birthday and your blog is so very insperational to me. Thank you!

  48. They’re adorable! I was actually about to head out to the craft store, and now I think I will just have to pick up some pretty scrapbooking paper. Thanks for the great idea! =)

  49. I am always looking for new ideas for cupcakes and this is perfect and will look great on my cupcake stand. Thank you for sharing

  50. What a cute idea! I need to get myself some big circle and scalloped circle punches. I imagine they make this project pretty simple!

  51. i didn’t read through all the comments, but I am looking for a great tasting dark brown chocolate icing that pipes nicely- the icing on these cupcakes looks like just what i am looking for! Is the recipe around?

  52. they are so cute and it´s a great idea to decorate the cupcakes.I love your blog and I follow you all the way from spain.just keep giving us such good ideas.

  53. What a great idea! So adorable! I will just have to try them. It is such a treat every time I get your new post. Thank you!

  54. Wow! When it comes to decorating you rock. You have so much talent. I would love to decorate my cupcakes with your paper toppers.

  55. these are so adorable. 🙂
    would be very very happy to win these. love your site too. very inspiring. thank you for sharing your gift! Blessings!

  56. So cute! I can tell these are homemade; So unique. 🙂
    I’ve barely started making the fondant toppers. I’m keeping up with following
    your techniques, but still a bit behind. Thank you so much for sharing!

  57. Wow, a home made giveaway…this IS special as my Mom always taught us that the best gifts were something we made ourselves. I’d love to win these.

  58. such a crafty idea! we used a double sided foam tape to make something similar to make the image stand up. very cute!

  59. I get so excited every time I see an email from you with a new post!! Your website is truly inspiring and I love all your cute ideas! What talent you have!

  60. As always, you’ve shown us a wonderful creation…

    I’d like to know what tip made those cool swirls?? I hope my question doesn’t get lost in all the entries!

  61. harikasınız bunlar her turlu party sofrasında harıka dekor olurlar ,sıtenızde hersey cok seker ,devamını dılerız.

  62. will be making these today!!! your website is awesome!!! thanks for all the great ideas and tips.. from suny Miami 🙂

  63. Oh these are precious! You are so creative. Thank you for sharing. As always, I read your tutorials in awe. You are constantly amazing me with what you come up with. Keep up the great work!

  64. What a great combination of your various talents. It’s nice to see the work of a fellow Baker/Decorator/Papercrafter. Super cute!

  65. I wish my craft store carried such cute little toppers : ( Might have to break out the paper punches and make some of my own,thanks for the idea!

  66. These are sooo cute!! you are very crafty and creative. my daughter is looking at them with me right now and she is in “aww”. very cute 🙂

  67. So cute!! So simple but gorgeous! I would probably use half for scrapbooking, they’re so awesome, and half for treats. You can never have enough cupcake liners…ever!

  68. These are adorable! It would be so nice to have them for my twin nieces’ 1st birthday on May 16th! It is wonderful to be so crafty ~ awesome!!!

  69. Wow! This is a real great idea Louise, using cupcake paper toppers! And the pictures could vary according to the theme! Always appreciate your creativity and especially generosity in sharing them. Tks .

  70. Hi Louise,

    I stumbled across your website a few weeks ago and have been checking it nearly everyday since as there’s so much on here. It truely is a fabulous website and you are such an inspiration!

    Thank you so much for all that you do! 🙂

  71. This is the fist time I write to you but I have been a devoted fan since last year. I love everythign you do and I follow your instructions step by step. The funny thing is that I was just browsing through some sites to find any cute pirate cupcake toppers for my son’s Bday next month and your email came like such a surprise!Keep inspiring us Louise.

  72. Dear Louise,
    your work is gorgeous as always!!! I admire you so much!!! Thankx for sharing your ideas!!! Hugs, Nausicaa

  73. Thanks for all your insight. You are very crafty and I am finding a lot of information on your site. I’ll be hosting a baby shower soon using a “baby is blooming” theme with pink and green colors. Hoping to make it wonderful with the help from this site. Thanks again.

  74. These toppers are so cute! I love all the cute items available for cupcakes right now and making your own is a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration…as always!

  75. Those are so adorable! I’d love to win them. I make my cupcakes more sugar free with splenda these days but hey they can still be beautiful looking!

  76. Hi Louise, I get so excited when I get Cakejournal email! You are very talented, and I was wondering when you find the time to make all these beautiful baked goods. Love every one of them, keep them coming!! Thanks for all you do, Bonnie

  77. i love the toppers! they’re so appropriate for a kid’s party. so convenient to use especially if you have a busy schedule.

    would love to have them for my cupcakes 🙂

  78. Your “nifty” ideas are absolutely mind boggling….
    You come up with some stunning ideas and I really like these cupcake toppers, you have come up with this time!!
    Keep up the good work, we can all do with some inspiration now and again!!

  79. What a great idea! So simply yet so classy. I love it!
    Please keep the tutorials coming. They are a great way to get inspired!

  80. These are darling! Where did you use the hot glue gun, on the ribbon or paper? I think I see another tutorial in your future! 🙂 Too cute!


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