birds 1 (525x175)

Standing birdies are a fun little decoration to add to a cake. These birdies can even be made small enough to be placed onto individual cupcakes. These birds can be made in a variation of colours, sizes and shapes.

birds 2 (525x479)

Here is what I used:

Fondant (different colors)
rolling pin
a bird shaped cutter (any size will work)
zacto knife
a round #10 tip
tooth picks
a round cutter (approx. size of the belly of the bird cutter)
gum glue (not shown in picture)

Step 1:

Roll out to a 1/4 of an inch thick the colour of fondant that you have chosen to make your bird. In this tutorial I have used pink. Place the bird cutter on to the fondant and cleanly cut out the bird.

birds 3 (525x441)

Step 2:

Using the white fondant, roll out the fondant quite thinly and place the round cutter on to the fondant. Pressing down firmly make a clean cut for the circle.

birds 4 (525x453)

Step 3:

Cut the circle in half. You will only need one half of the circle. The half you do not use you can wrap up and use again for another bird, if making more than one bird.

birds 5 (525x350)

Step 4:

Using your gum glue, glue the half circle piece of fondant on to the bottom section of the bird. This will make the bird’s tummy.

birds 6 (525x350)

Step 5:

Using some orange fondant, cut out a small triangle. This will represent the bird’s beak.

birds 7 (525x350)

Step 6:

Roll out thinly some black fondant. Using the round #10 tip, cut out one circle. This will represent the bird’s eye.

birds 8 (525x350)

Step 7:

Using gum glue again, paste on the bird’s beak and the bird’s eye with a little bit of gum glue.  Try not to use too much gum glue.

birds 9 (525x350)

Step 8:

Insert two tooth picks into the belly of the bird. Make sure to go through the fondant and not go through the back of the bird. This is why it is important to make your original bird cut in a thicker piece of fondant. It will make inserting the tooth picks (or “legs”) easier.

bird cake topper

Step 9:

Lay the bird flat over night to dry. Once the bird is dry and stiff, it can be placed into a cake or cupcake.

Happy Caking!