Owl cookie top photo
Inspired by the Christening cake that I made back in 2011 I decided to make a tutorial for some sugar cookies decorated with a sweet fondant owl motif. Wrapped in a cellophane treat bag they would be a perfect favor for a baby shower. They are super easy to make with only very few tools required. I hope you will enjoy it!

Owl cookie wrapping

This is what I use:
Round baked sugar cookies (size: 3 7/16″-88mm) Remember that you need to use the same size of cutter for the white fondant disc on top of the cookie
Rolled Fondant icing, white
Gel paste colors in your color scheme (I used: Pink, Sky blue, Brown & Electric green)
Egg shaped cookie cutter (2 1/2″- 50/60mm)
Round cutter (1 1/2″- 38mm)
Small heart cutter (I used a heart cutter from a PME set) Alternative use heart shaped sprinkles.
Two sizes of round piping tips. (I just looked through my round piping tips and found what I could use for the eyes)
Corn syrup + a small brush
Cornstarch dusting bag To prevent the fondant from sticking to your workboard
Rolling pin

Step 1:
Roll out some white rolled fondant. Use the same cutter as you used to cut out the sugar cookies with and cut out a round disc of fondant. Brush the cookie with a little corn syrup and place the fondant disc on top. Smooth out the edge with your finger.
Owl cookie step 1

Step 2:
Roll out some colored fondant for the owl’s body (I used Sky blue fondant) use the egg shaped cookie cutter and cut out an egg. With the pointed end of the cutter and cut away a small part.
Owl cookie step 2

Step 3:
Glue the “owl” on the cookie and smooth the edge with your finger
Owl cookie step 3

Step 4:
Now roll out a small part of white fondant and cut out a circle with the small round cutter. Take your egg cutter and cut off a small part of the circle. This time using the rounded end of the egg cutter.
Owl cookie step 4a
Owl cookie step 4b

Step 5:
Glue on the white “belly” on the owl.
Owl cookie step 5

Step 6:
Take some of the fondant that you used for the “body” of the owl. Mix it with a little white fondant to get a lighter color. Roll out the fondant and cut a circle with the small round cutter. Use the same cutter to cut two wings. Glue the wings on the owl again using a little corn syrup.
Owl cookie step 6a
Owl cookie step 6b

Step 7:
Now it is time for the eyes. First cut out two white small circles and then two smaller circles in brown fondant. Let them all dry for a few minutes then with a tiny amount of corn syrup glue them on the owl. Make a small beak by rolling a tiny amount of brown fondant and shape it into a teardrop shape. If needed add a tiny drop of corn syrup to attach the beak. Often such small amounts of fondant will often stick without the need of glue.
Owl cookie step 7

Step 8:
Now it’s time to embellish the owl. Cut out a small pink fondant heart and glue it on the owl’s belly. Use any leftover brown fondant from the eyes/beak to make a small branch for the owl to sit on. Make a small green leaf for the branch using the same technique you used for the wings. Use the wide end of a piping tip to cut out the leaf. Attach with a tiny amount of corn syrup. Let the fondant set for a couple of hours before packing them.
Owl cookie step 8a
Owl cookie step 8b

Happy Caking!