My Amazon cake book store


I just want you to know that my Amazon cake book store is now up and running. Check it out to find my favourite cake books. I will keep it updated with all the newest titles. Hope you will enjoy it.

Happy Caking



  1. The new layout of the cake book secton is great. One point, though. Seems to be some confusion over Peggy Porschen’s books. She presently only has two published. There seem to be different covers, even titles in U.K. and U.S. I bought “Romantic Cakes” six months or so ago from Barnes & Noble under the title of “Beautiful Cakes” and they still showing it as available on their U.S. website. Rather than the Romantic Rose Cake (white with purple ribbon and purple/pink roses), the Neapolitan Monogrammed Cake is on the cover – i.e. her signature pink and brown. Content is otherwise the same.


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