How to make whipped cream frosting

Who doesn’t love a soft, light, not too sweet, whipped cream frosting that is just sweet enough to entice you to eat a second piece of cake?  This whipped cream frosting is just that.  Enjoy!


This recipe will fill and cover two 9 inch round cakes.  Keep whipped cream frosting refrigerated when not in use.  If after taking out of the fridge it has softened up, you may have to re-whip it for a few minutes.

Happy Caking!


Diane is a co-write for CakeJournal. She is a self taught cake decorator and sugar flower artist since 2010. Diane lives in Ontario, Canada and is very excited to be joining our team.
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  1. aditi says

    This is just awesome would recommend to surely try it

    I would recommend that u upload the process of making whipping cream too

  2. Collwyn says

    I always mix in a package of unflavored gelatin into my whipped cream frosting. Does a bit better job of stabilizing than egg whites.

  3. says

    You can also put all ingredients in the mixer, with whip attachment. Beat on #2 on Kitchenaide mixer, for 15 mins. Stop, Detach whip, using whip by hand, whip for 1 minute or so, until proper consistency. Will not deflate, so no ‘re-whipping.

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