1. says

    I got the DVD set a couple of weeks ago and it’s great! I haven’t tried any of the cakes yet but have one planned for next month. I have 2 othere DVDs from Sharon and I just love her techniques. Highly recommend her DVDs.

  2. Becky says

    For Andrea:
    If you follow Louise’s recipe for marshmallow fondant, you will be eating it by the handful without the cake…it is that good. I used to buy fondant, and it tasted okay, but now I only use the marshmallow fondant recipe…it’s extremely easy to make, easy to use, it looks wonderful on a cake, and you can flavor it anyway you’d like. I’ve used marshmallow flavoring for a super marshmallow taste, amaretto flavoring and champagne flavoring. I have to use it quickly because my husband eats it, too….

  3. Louise says

    Andrea:Oh sorry! Use fondant on the cake. They can always peel if off if it is.

    Im not sure about the “love” you can always email her as she is always very helpful.

    Sounds great with the dvd 🙂

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