ribbon bow

As a follow up to the questions about the ribbon bow that was on my Valentine’s cake. Have I made a tutorial on how to make a ribbon bow for your cake. Remember to prepare your cake for the ribbon, by getting a nice and straight crumb coat -before the fondant cover. A side scraper is a great tool to use for that.

This is what I use:
Measuring tape
Piping gel
Small brush
Double sided tape
And of course a cake.
Step 1:
Measure around the cake and add 1/2″ extra, so that the ribbon can overlap. Cut the lenght of ribbon that you will be needing.

Step 2:
Brush a thin coat of piping gel around the base of the cake. Let the piping gel dry until just slightly tacky.

Step 3:
Add the ribbon around the cake and make sure that it is all smooth. Brush a little piping gel on one of the ribbon ends and “close” by overlapping.
Note: I prefere to have the overlap at the “back” of the cake.

Step 4:
Find out how big you want the bow loops to be and cut a piece of ribbon in the desired lenght. Place a small piece of double sided tape in the center and fold in the ribbons.

Step 5:
Add another piece of double sided tape in the center of the bow. Cut a small piece of ribbon just long enough to go around the middle of the bow. Fold in the ends nicely.

Step 6:
Fasten the ribbon bow at the front of the cake with a small piece of double sided tape and you’re done.

Step 7:
If you want to make a double bow. Just cut an extra piece of ribbon at step 4 Make sure that it is a little longer than the first piece of ribbon.

Happy Caking!