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Here are the favourites of May…

New letter cutters? I have been looking a lot at the Groovy Clikstix letter cutters from Windsor Tooling Company. These fun letter cutters comes with an ejector on the back for a quick and easy release. I love that there is an ejector. Because I often use a small needle to get my letters out from my Tappit cutters.

If you too love the groovy letters? Then here are three stores where you can get the Clikstix cutters from: UK,US & AU

How get a deep red or black rolled fondant:

Crystal colors

Normally I buy my red and black fondant pre colored. Because it is really hard getting a nice deep color. When doing it yourself. So when I found a great tip on how to mix both powder and gel colors. I had to try it out. It really works. I start with the powder and then I add the gel paste color. The fondant will not get too wet and soft when coloring it this way. You can see the deep red fondant on my Valentine cookies.

When I make red and black fondant I like to use Crystal Colors: Poinsetta and Charcoal, together with AmeriColors: Super red and super black gel colors.

Happy Caking!



  1. Hey Louise, this looks really delicious. Yummy. I loved your recipe. Keep it up. I have some amazing recipes too. For sure you will love it. Waiting for your visit to there. Don’t forget to visit “Food as Passion” . Have a good day guys.

  2. Americolor’s super red and black are some of the best that I have tried. Crystal colors also works for icing and chocolate.

  3. Americolor’s super red and black are some of the best that I have tried. Crystal colors also works for icing and chocolate.

  4. Great tip for coloring fondant!  I usually buy precolored red and black fondant also.  If I’m out of black, I use chocolate fondant and add black food coloring.  It has worked for me when I need a small amount.  =)

  5. I can’t wait to order these cutters. Tappits are ok but can be a pain to work with a some points. It always helps if the fondant dry a little before cutting.

  6. I used to use chocolate fondant and then adding the black color. But the smell of chocolate and looking black was a bit strange.

  7. It is the same here. Some eat it, some don’t. Yes, at some point it does seems like a waste. But it doesn’t bother me if people peel it off. I don’t eat it all the times myself.

  8. That’s ingenious ! I love the thought of having a plunger on the letters. I always wack mine down and they go flying across the table. They are definitely on the top of my wish list. Fab font too! 

    Thanks for sharing them with us


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