Testing the white chocolate fondant

I have now been testing the white chocolate fondant. I decided to test it on a dummy cake first. That way it was easier to peel off the fondant if there were any problems. I did not experience any problems while covering the dummy cake.

The white chocolate fondant was really wonderful to work with. It rolls out easy and I did not have any troubles with cracks or the fondant tearing. I find dummy cakes the worst thing to cover, but this white chocolate fondant passed its test. Next, is to try it with a real cake…

Happy Caking!



  1. says

    Your cake looks great. I have such a hard time with Satin Ice fondant. It dries on the collar of the cake and cracks, and even if it looks good it is so chewy and hard after sitting out overnight one night. It’s like a hard shell on a cake and I don’t think kids like it at all.

  2. says

    no cracks? no tearing? wow! i must try this! that is the 2 most things i hate about covering fondant! thanks for sharing! ;D oh and yes dummy cakes is no fun!

  3. Diana says

    Don’t you just love the taste, too? I find that the Pettinice has a soft, sugary texture and flavor and the white chocolate (along w/the corn syrup) brings it to a perfect consistency. Lovely cake, Louise! 🙂

  4. Shannon says

    My (soon to be) 7 year old daughter said THIS is the cake she wants for her birthday….feel flattered, it beat out a colorflow Littlest Pet Shop! Beautiful!

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