White chocolate fondant

I have for some time now heard about a very tasty white chocolate fondant that Jennifer Dontz makes on one of her dvds. The white chocolate fondant should be really good to work with and who would not like that? There is nothing worse than a rolled fondant that tear and crack when you cover a cake.

I had to order the Merckens chocolate as we can not get that here. Luckily does my supermarket have an “american food” aisle. So there was no problems in getting the corn syrup. I did already have a few pounds of Pettinice fondant in stock.

Not only was the white chocolate fondant easy to make, it taste delicious too. Now I only need a cake, so that I can try how it is to work with. That will be my next mission….

Happy Caking!



  1. Hello to all.  I just bought the dvd that gives the recipe for white chocolate fondant.  It is an excellent dvd.  I haven’t tried the recipe yet, but was so thrilled to read that Louise did.  Now I’m really going to have to give it a try for myself… Thanks, Louise, for your input.  Really appreciate it.

  2. I paid around thirty dollars for the Jennifer Dontz DVD and its the absolute best thing I have ever spent money on that has helped me improve my skills and confidence when it come to working with fondant……. Im just a beginner…. I have no ties to jennifer except that she is always willing to answer questions about anything you see on her DVDs.

  3. Hi Louise ,

    I really love your web. I need to make a birthday cake to my best friend. Can I cover a sponge cake (+ fresh fruit) covered with the white chocolate fondant and put it in fridge?

  4. Louise, I have purchased 2 of Jennifer Dontz DVD’s and have made her chocolate fondant (just this weekend)had rave reviews on my cake (for my Granddaughters BD) and everyone said best cake I have made….(thanks Jen 🙂 ) To All that do not know of Jennifer Dontz……google her. SHE AND HER TALENTS ARE AMAZING !!!!!

  5. Just want to let everyone know that I purchased the DVD with the white chocolate fondant recipe from Jennifer Dontz. I found the DVD extremely useful. The chocolate fondant was very easy to work with and the taste was great. (I used it to make my daughter’s 6th birthday cake.) The DVD had some very helpful hints regarding placing the fondant on the cake and getting it to look perfect, plus a few other great tips. I did post a pick of the cake on my blog… http://www.paige-reese.blogspot.com. i would like to say “thank you” to Louise for posting the info on cakejournal as it worked out perfectly. Good to know that cakejournal has accurate/reliable info. Thanks, Janeen

  6. oh my gosh i LOVE white chocolate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!it’s my favorite !!!!!can you please send me the recipe !!!!!!!!! THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love white chocolate fondant…Fondant, as we know it, originated in Europe in the 18th century. It looks so royal. I need that recipe

  8. Hi!
    This is my best advice when using other brands than Pettinice with my recipes. Try the exact same brands first, otherwise, you won’t know how they should come out or perform. Then once you done that, try other brands. I do know Satin Ice is hit and miss. I don’t think they have a consistent product from batch to batch. Pettinice is very different than Wilton. I personally have not tried other brands just because I’m so thrilled with the way the Pettinice performs. I appreicate not posting my recipe. With the investment I have into the DVDs…. one needs to recoup that 🙂 Feel free to e-mail me any questions, [email protected] I use Pettinice and Mercken’s super white chocolate (candy melts) for both my semi-homemade white chocolate fondant and for my pearl clay. Pearl clay is what I make all my pearls, pressed lace, side ribbons and more out of. It’s almost all chocolate and very leatherlike in consistency. But, it’s not plain modeling chocolate.

  9. In the 80’s we did not have pkg. rolled fondant available. A teacher told me to use the Wilton’s fondant recipe, out of their year book, and make a recipe of Wilton’s Modeling Candy Recipe (a.k.a. candy clay). Mixed portions together to get a better tasting fondant. Really had to work with both to get the right consistency. Recipes are still in the Wilton’s Year Books but I use the premade Wilton Rolled Fondant as it it availabe everywhere and it works out great.

  10. Stephanie D: The recipe from Jennifer Dontz cant be posted. But that recipe is really good and good to work with.
    If you are having trouble with cracking fondant. I would say that your fondant may be a bit dry. If it cracks you can knead in a little white fat. I have not tried to add gum paste powder.

    Hanna: I have never tried working with rolled buttercream fondant. But when I make figurines and so I always knead in a little tylo powder. This will make it more stiff.

    Astrid: Send your question to Jennifer. Im sure she can help you out. I have not tried to freeze mine yet.

    Janeen: So far I have only tried to work with the Pettinice and other brands but not wilton. There are a big difference with texture and flavor. I know that Jennifers recipe dont work well with Satin Ice.

  11. Hi I was wondering if I could get the recipes for the white chocolate fondant and if you had a recipe for the chocolate fondant. I think this is a real neat site. Thank You Trishann

  12. Hi there: Does anybody know what the difference between Pettinice Fondant and Wilton’s (for example) Is it just flavor/texture. Thanks very much!!

  13. Hi hi,

    I follow this blog for some time now and i love it, thank you so much for all you input and information that you share with us.
    After a long time searching the web i came across Jennifer Dontz site and ordered her DVD`s (hope to get them soon).
    Because i also have trouble with my fondant sometimes a specialy now with summer comming up.
    Now i was wondering can i freeze this chocolate fondant because sometimes i have frozen a cake covered in fondant and it turned out ok.
    Is it possible to do so with this???
    Thank you so much.

    Best regards,

    Astrid (Holland)

  14. Hi!

    This is Jennifer Dontz from Sugar Delites. Someone told me about this awesome site and that my DVDs made some conversation 🙂 If I can help, just let me know. My e-mail is [email protected] We do ship worldwide and offer flat rate envelopes, which usually run 11.00-14.00 to ship depending on location. We only charge the actual amount to get the order to your door, no more. We also offer flat rate boxes as well. I usually can fit 3 or 4 items in an envelope depending on sizes. The chocolate fondant is totally awesome, no cracking EVER. My customers are loving it as well. If I can help, please don’t hesitate to ask. Jennifer 🙂

  15. Hi Louise!
    I don’t like the taste of fondant, so I made ‘rolled buttercream fondant’ yesterday, but it doesn’t harden enough to make standing decorations. Do you know if there is something I can add to make it stiffer? For example, I wanted to make your cute turtle cake topper, but the fondant is too soft, even after a couple of hours.

  16. I look foreward to trying chocolate fondant and also on my list is modeling chocolate. Will u be posting any of the recipes you have tried? i would love to know some that have been tried and if they were realy as workable as they seem on t.v.
    also do u have any tips for cracking fondant? someone told me to try mixing gum paste powder with my fondant to make it harden better and crack less….have u tried thais?
    Stephanie D.

  17. Tania: The recipe can be found on the dvd by Jennifer Dontz. Someone in the comments have linked into MS where there also is a recipe for white chocolate fondant.

    Ostaras & Xandra: You buy the dvd from Jennifer Dontz site. I have both her dvd and I have no problems on watching them here in Copenhagen. I cant give you the recipe but there are a link in the comments to another recipe for white chocolate fondant. You can try that instead.

  18. Dear dear dear Louise,
    I also can’t buy the DVD here in The Netherlands. Mind you, your blog is very populair!! I love to read and chill on your site from time to time. So much fun!!
    I would really wanna try this white choco recipe, cause I tried others before, but they were a disaster on the cake. I had to resque my cakes every time. Can you share this recipe on mail? I hope so! I would be so much more loved if I could present a white chocolate cake!! hahahaha WOW!! Getting goose bumps all over!!
    Hope to hear from you.
    Tot ziens (See you soon)
    Liefs (hugs and kisses)

  19. Super. Jeg takker igen 🙂
    Kan ikke give dig nok ros med din side, hvis bare man havde dine evner… Suk. 🙂

  20. Dear louise can you send me the recepie because i cant buy this dvd because i live in german but i love your site your recepies and your cakes and i will make sutch wonderfull cakes like you !
    so PLEASE …

  21. Thank you for the white chocolate fondant recipe from MS. 🙂

    Margaret Ban: Its not a dvd that you can see online.

    Maggie: I was thinking of using glucose but then I decided to use the “real” thing.

    Camilla: You can get the corn syrup in some “Super Best” but I have only seen it here in CPH.

  22. Ladies, If you click on the pink colored word “Jennifer Dontz” in Louise’s original discription it will take you to the web page in which you can buy the DVD for yourself and the recipe is on the DVD. Jennifer does not give out her recipe free. You have to buy the video. She, like many of us, have to make a living making cakes and you have to pay for the DVD to get the recipe. Check out her other DVD’s as they are awesome as well! I have the fondant fancies and frills DVD (it has the white chocolate fondant recipe on it as well) and it has a lot of great techniques and ideas. Happy Caking!

  23. Louise, I wish the UK had a grocery store that stocked American baking items. The closet thing I can get to is a Cost-co, which does have some US items like marshmallows and Hersheys stuff. I have to make sure that I go back to North America with an empty suitcase so I can bring back baking stuff! If anyone is interseted in the differences between baking in the UK and North America they can check out my blog here: http://www.madewithpink.com I’ll be doing a post this week about American baking supplies this week.

  24. Hi Louise.
    Would you mind telling me where ”your” supermarket is, as i have been looking for corn-syrup in Denmark for a while.
    Love your site 😉

  25. To all…you can use glucose inplace of the corn syrup. It works great and maybe easier to find in your area.
    Dawn, I live in the U.S. and wish I had all the sugarpaste tools that are available locally in the U.K. along with all the precolored sugarpaste, and your lovely marzipan that is difficult to fine here in the states. And the U.K. has so many cake shops that carry a great variety.

  26. Hello Louise,

    How can we view the DVD for the WHITE CHOCOLATE FONDANT please? Do not seem to be able to get into the link you gave. Would really love to try it out.

    THANK YOU so much.

    Margaret Ban Malaysia

  27. I’ve heard that her recipe is good but I’ve made MMF before and found it to be a pain to make so I will stick with Fondarific and Massa.

  28. Dawn: When I click on the link it goes to the dvd?? I do think that the UK have lots of great cake decorating tools. Quite many US company’s stock the UK cake decorating tool supply. So you are lucky to live in the UK. However I too have to order now and then from the US, but most of the time I order from the UK 🙂

  29. Can’t seem to find the DVD for this when I used the link, also why when I want something to make cakes or use in my cake decorating does it alway come from another country. I live in the uk. Are all the best products and gadgets in other countries.
    I’m fed up now…

  30. becky: No, certainly not french fries 🙂 Things like: Betty Crocker, Hershey’s chocolate, self-raising flour, Country time lemonade (love that) Dr. Pepper, Beef Jerkey, Crisco and so on. The only thing is that it is quite expensive.

  31. Hello to all: Im sorry if my post gave the intention of giving a recipe. The recipe is on the dvd that I linked into. So I cant post it here. I got the dvd because I have heard so much good about the fondant she makes and wanted to try it out myself.

    I do not hope that some finds this: “just an advertise” because its not. I just wanted to share my thrills that I have made a chocolate fondant that taste really great. Now I only have to try if it works just as good as it taste 🙂

    Im baking the cake today, so hopefully I can decorate it this weekend, with the chocolate fondant.

  32. Hi Louise!
    I didn’t see a recipe. I’m making carrot cake cupcakes this weekend, so white chocolate fondant over IMBC would be delicious 🙂 I had to laugh that your supermarket has an American food aisle…what do they have in it: french fries, pizza, fried chicken and hamburgers?? 🙂 Sadly, I have never seen a Danish aisle at our grocery stores…

  33. i don t have idea ??? i only make simple fondant no chocolat fondant. but i heard about it. but make a cake is very easy and i dont think you dont know make a cake ????

  34. Are you saying you DID make her recipe or did you make a different recipe with the fondant you already had? I don’t understand your post.

  35. I will love to know more about this receipe, what are the amounts? and specially what is ‘pettinice’? I believe the ‘Merckens’ are ‘candy melts’, is this correct?
    And again I love to check your webside, it’s beautiful!

  36. Hi Louise! Will you be posting that recipe? I did find one by Martha Stewart – was wondering if this was the same recipe, though. Thanks for all you do, Louise!

  37. I don’t see how to make the white chocolate fondant. Can you tell us that? If it is easy and delicious to make, then I want to try it.
    Thank you.

  38. I don’t use her recipe, but I make it very similarly and it’s WONDERFUL! Goes on smooth, doesn’t “elephant skin”, stays semi-soft and best of all…TASTES GREAT! I love it and won’t ever go back!

  39. Hi Louise, love your site 🙂 I checked Jennifer’s site and didn’t see the recipe for this…do you know if it’s published anywhere? I’d love to try it!

  40. The recipe and technique is on Jennifer’s DVD. It’s a great DVD and the added benefit is you can watch it over and over. 🙂

  41. Hi Louise ~ I’ve made chocolate fondant and it tastes just like tootsie rolls. So now I’m looking forward to making the white chocolate one. Looking forward to your next posting:)

      • i find this very  very unhelpful because this is a baking blog! you have to share the recipes or else its pointless. Think about it, you dont go online to a baking blog to hear about recipes you go on to find recipes, so this is just annoying.

      • How about you stop whining and think about what you’re complaining about. “Waaaahhhh. She won’t give me a recipe for free that she had to pay to get.” Anyone involved in pastry can tell you we don’t make oodles of money. She is helping a colleague boost her sales. Also, why would she freely give you information that she had to pay to learn?


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